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Dalbello Krypton Pro I.D. Ski Boot


Cons: ID Gold, too narrow

 If you know my history, you know my thought on this boot. Simply, it is a Flexon on steroids. "They" say that you cannot carve in this boot, I disagree, in fact I can carve better in this boot than a traditional overlap. This boot is the Mac of ski boots, it does 90% of what a traditional boot dies, but it is the other 10% that separates the Krypton from the pack. 


I ski around 100 days per season - have been on these boots for 1.5 seasons.  Once I got the fit right, they skied great.  Read some of the critiques with interest.  Perhaps it's because I only weigh 160 lb. that I disagree with some of the negative comments.  Coming off 8 years on the Head World Cup Comp boot, I was used to stiff - so a soft flex boot took some getting used to.  Once I got away from over-skiing the boot by driving hard into the tongue, it performed as well as any boot I have had - I have over 140 days on the boot and it hasn't packed out yet.  I also have skinny feet, and it's a good fit - in fact I had to punch the toe box quite a bit to get the right fit.  For a good skier who likes to beat the crap out of the mountain, it might not be a good fit.  For an accomplished skier who likes to turn and finesse, it's a great boot.  Incidentally, did you see how many bump skiers and aerialists at the Olympics had either these or the Raichle Flexon on their feet - so much for them being an intermediate ski boot.


Pros: Fast, Responsive, Absorbing, All mountain, warm, easy in and out

Cons: TBD

First, I am 60.

I ski at Snowbird an average of 60 days/year-I am retired.

I try to ski almost everything except for hiking out on Baldy.

I skied Raichle Flexon Comps 9.5 for about 15 years.  The last few years I skied them with zipfit liners which greatly improved the fit and control.

6 years ago I switched to the Lange Freeride 120s.  Within a few days of skiing them, I realized the benefits of the overlap design.  I still really enjoy them but they weren't as good as the Raichles in the bumps.

Yesterday, I bought the Krypton Pro IDs.  I must say the baked liner made the fit truly perfect for my long narrow flat foot.  I am hoping the excellent fit means great skiing all over the mountain.  I plan to update this review next week after 5 days of skiing.

Just an FYI.  I think the Cabrio design has pluses and minuses just as overlaps do.  It really boils down to your style and where you ski.  In all likelihood if I could have found another pair of the Lange Freeride 120s I would have bought them instead.  But I am looking forward to trying out the "new" Raichles.

Well I skied in the Kryps today and I don't have to ski in them another day to know if I like them.  For me, talking about my style and where I like to ski, they are excellent.  Although I really enjoyed the Langes for 6 seasons, after two hours in the Kryps I realized they offered more versatility and performance than the Langes.

With the soft even flex, the acceleration was noticeably faster and I felt more stable on my Fischer Watea 78's at speed.  With the forward flex, the boots really perform in the bumps.  They absorb quickly and comfortably unlike the Langes which always felt reactive instead of absorptive.

I skied for about 4 hours and never felt any discomfort.  The morning started off at 5 degrees and gradually warmed to 20 and my feet stayed warm the whole time although my friends said they were cold.

I think this boot does ski differently than a 4 buckle which will be stiffer and thus feel more responsive than a softer flexing 3 buckle boot.  It really gets down to what you like.

The Raichle Flexon Comp was the worldcup favorite for about 10 years, but that was at least 20 years ago.  There must be solid reasons for its demise.  However, I am glad it is back-it's worth considering if you are an advanced skier/light expert who likes to ski everywhere and everything and do it in comfort.


Pros: Comfortable, Warm, AT use

Cons: Flex index, Last, Durability, Buckles

Great Boots!.....for about 60 days maybe.  I put an intuition liner in and footbeds and the fit was nice for my super skinny feet, but they packed out quickly.  I also put all the stiffest flex pieces in the boot and it was still very soft.  The flex index cannot be correct (ie. 100-150).  Top flex is maybe 100, new and cold.  I think they are an ok boot for an intermediate skier, or lighter expert, but if you are over 160 # and agressive you will CRUSH this boot.  I use them for AT now.  They are super warm and comfortable.  These are NOT a narrow last boot however people may say it is.  The last is 98 mm which is okay, but no 95.  Also, I found the boot to not be as atomically correct as a Lange or Nordica.


Pros: Adjustability,versatility,entry and exit

Cons: None so far

E-Bay purchase,based on skiing the last half of the season on the Krypton Cross ID. I wanted a 2nd pair of these boots (boot hoarding maybe?) well anyway.  These boots are a pleasure to get on and off,none of that instep crushing lower shell entry stuff.  The boots are well made and do feel a little different that the standard 4 buckle boot. They claim a 98mm last and in a 28.5 the BSL runs 326mm, this a narrow last but it's not that narrow for my A-B width size 12 foot.  I did change out the Intuition Liners,they are well preforming and very foot friendly however I wanted more heel hold without going down another shell size. So I put in a Zip fit liner.

I've reviewed that liner and can't say enough good things about it,it offers the heel hold security that the Intuition didn't. Dalbello would cringe I'm sure because the Intuition liner is a key selling point for these boots.  As for as the boots go they offer adjustment for flex with a quick change (shim?) and forward lean as well as different boot boards and tongues.  I find the real key feature of the boot is the second buckle,you can cinch it down for absolute power and not crush your instep or you can run it looser for a more forgiving feeling,they claim you can also change the flex by changing out the tongue,I've run the #10 tongue (I think) and I found it to do everything I want.   If you don't like bright lime green go with the Krypton Cross it's a more subdued color they say it's a bit more forgiving (flex and fit wise) ,the boots IMO are pretty much the same boot with a different color option.  Oh and one more thing about the Intuition liner,if you're genetically handicapped and have skinny calf muscles you might try the other liner.


Pros: Fits Well, Comfortable

Cons: Will not last....Not for Advanced/Expert skiers

I did 47 days in a row in this Boot, by day 30 I had packed out the intuition liner. So I started to grab the boot with my toes!!!!! My last boot was a Tecnica Diablo Magnesium they lasted 41/2 years and that was skiing in Canada and Australia so over 250 days!!!! Do I do believe these Dalbello Krypton boots are for intermediate skiers only if that!

The problem with this boot is when it worked it was just brilliant, the feel and control and the forward flex..all the things you want from a boot. Just not 30 days of it!

I emailed Dalbello and just said..not alot actually. "40 days is 4 years skiing for some people" Not advanced skiers I know..  Lift your game Dalbello.


Would I ski in them again??? Yes if dalbello are giving them away!!!!

Question..How many pairs does T Hall use in one season??


Pros: Warm, upright, green

Cons: Unanatomic, flimsy stock liner, green

I have to completely agree with Edgeski's observations. I bought these boots about two years ago. Good shell fit so I bought them. But the stock liner proved quite flimsy and ineffective in holding down my ankle and heel. So I spent more money to get an Intuition liner. My experience with this boot leads me to wonder what foot they designed it for. Even with the Intuition (and three cooks and other mods), the boot would not hold my heel or ankle. But the toe box is narrow, causing major toe crunch. Granted, I do have bony, low volume feet. And so, if you do to, walk away from this boot. 
I just bought a pair of Nordica Doberman Pro 130's. It is a wonderful fit for feet like mine. Firm and secure fit around the hind foot, plenty of room in the forefoot (98mm) and no toe crunch. And the stock liner is a quality piece of work.
The Krypton certainly has its supporters and it appears to be a great boot for those it fits. But the stock liner is an embarrassment for a boot that holds itself out as a Pro model. Perhaps they use this liner to encourage people to spend the extra money for the Intuition version of this boot. I can not think of another boot company that does this. A bit sneaky, me thinks.


Pros: so far so good, lots of customization options

Cons: tought to take out foot bed

 just got these bad boys at the end of season for a crazy deal on evo gear.  we'll see how they hold out this season!
Dalbello Krypton Pro I.D. Ski Boot

The Dalbello Krypton Pro Alpine Ski Boot gives aggressive skiers, top-level competitive racers and freeriders a close-fitting, responsive boot with unparalleled flex control. The Krypton Pro's the three-piece Cabrio design locks your foot in place comfortably for precise feel and response while you tear the groomers apart or lap the powder stashes. The Krypton Pro's lightweight, yet extremely warm Gold I.D. thermo-liner custom molds to your foot. Taking precise fit to another step, Dalbello molds each of their liners to their respective boot shells before you even see them, which provides seamless interaction between the liner and the boot the way it should be. Out of the box, the Krypton Pro is set up as a stiff race boot. Swap out the extra set of tongues to soften the flex for freeriding, and replace the stiff bootboard under the liner with a soft one that dampens vibrations and absorbs some of the shock after you huck a record-setting cliff.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 25.0800011-25
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 25.5800011-25.58033009057272
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 28.5800011-28.58033009057333
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 24.5800011-24.5
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 28.0800011-28
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 24.0800011-24
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 26.5800011-26.58033009057296
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 29.5800011-29.58033009057357
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 26.0800011-26
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 27.0800011-27
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 29.0800011-29
Color: Lime Green/Black, Size: 27.5800011-27.58033009057319
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