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Dalbello Krypton Cross Reviews

Positive Reviews


Different, in a good way...


Pros: Smooth, even flex, custom fit, light weight

Cons: Different feel takes some getting used to

I have had these boots for 2 seasons now, and I love them.  After 20+ years in 4-buckle designs from Lange and Tecnica, these were at once a revelation and a mystery.  My first day on them, I felt like I was not "properly" attached to my skis -- the smoother, more linear flex in this boot feels much softer than what I had gotten used to in my Tecnica Alus.  I have gotten used to this feeling and can now go as hard as I want without feeling like the boot is going to bail on me.  I am 43, 185-ish, and ski entirely bumps and off-piste, if at all possible, and quite aggressive.  I do not think they would be a good racing boot, particularly beyond an informal approach / rec league, as the...
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Negative Reviews


2009-10 krypton Cross


Pros: snug fit

Cons: Wore my shines almost to the bone!

I hate to write this but I feel I need to at least warn people who are aggressive skiers.   About me,  I originally from Colorado, skied summit county for 15 years, both resort and backcountry.  Now I live in Southern California.   I am 41 and ski very aggressive, I would say I am a level 8  (because I don't ski the half pipe or spend much time in the terrain park).  But I can and will ski just about anything and can keep up with most people.  I like to mix it up, bumps, trees, drops, steeps, big turns, short turns etc.... Okay,  I bought these boots because they felt great in the store, (i know, i know, demo first).  but I wore them at the store for over an hour twice and they felt...
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Dalbello Krypton Cross


Pros: Allows foot adjustments, but stiff lateral support, promotes lateral movements, shock absorption in bumps, CM positioning, easy on and off

Cons: Finicky fit; very small toebox and low instep. Does not promote driving tips with forward pressure

  New K Crosses. These are currently set at 100 flex, which is a bit soft, but am adding Intuitions next week, which should bring to within my Falcon 10 specs. They have the stiff sole board. Fit at 26.5 is still a work in progress; these run very narrow in the toebox, and all my other boots have been 27.5's. These are tighter in the toes than my plugs before any work on them. Have done some grinding, which has helped to a point. Will have my Intuitions molded next week, which should take care of more issues. Not a deal breaker, but a pain. Literally. There are pros and cons with these on groomed, hardpack to light pow, lots of bumps:   Payoff 1: Lightening quick edge to...
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Comfy boots


Pros: 3 piece boot great fit, easy to get out of

Cons: Its a bit high on the shin

Love the 3 piece boot.  These things can get really snug, and the heat molded liner makes it comfy.  Definitely a better fit than any other boot Ive tried, and the only problem I've had is that they are higher than other boots.  They come a bit higher up on the shin, so it takes some adjustment.
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