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Cypress Mountain Reviews


Cypress - second fiddle to Whistler


Pros: Close to Vancouver, in-city bus

Cons: Low value for cost, icy, hit and miss conditions, minimal terrain, crowded

I spent two weeks skiing Cypress when I first moved to BC. In comparison to smaller eastern hills, Cypress is totally acceptable. It's also totally fine if you're learning to ski or board. However, it doesn't compare to BC interior skiing for several reasons:  Weather - the variable temperatures (thaws and freezes) make for lots of ice. Some seasons have seen minimal snow and incredibly short seasons.  Terrain - only a few runs. It was like skiing a really long Ontario hill. Nothing particularly steep. Note they had half the terrain closed for the 2009 season--maybe the other hill is like a dream come true. Grooming - for some reason they can't seem to groom the runs well. Grooming is...
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best north shore local mtn


Pros: 2 mtns, lots of new terrain, only 35 min from van so what is not to like.

Cons: PNW weather variability, fog, rain, heavy snow, climate changes, best to read their website for weather before going up if variable down in vancouver.

 i cut my teeth at cypress in getting back into skiing (sure i also skiied whistler, apex, big white, grouse, seymour, and silver star)....the other local hills (grouse mtn and mt seymour) both blow ie Grouse is limited and too busy given it's local transit access (Read: easy for the crowds to get to so wayyyy too crowded) and Mt Seymour is limited with outdated lift technology (slow is slow on their lifts though i read they're getting a faster lift this 2012/13 season) and their runs are for beginners-intermediates mostly....also way too short. Cypress rules on the north shore...sure sure: it's not whistler, but to be able to cut your teeth and maintain or increase your skill...
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