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Craft Pro WS Balaclava Black

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Men's Base Layer


Pros: Very lightweight, keeps wind out

Cons: Short in the neck, cutout around edges of eyes

I've used many balaclavas, all have been lacking in some area.  This is the best one I've used so far.  It has almost everything going for it with a couple minor downsides.


On the plus, it's extremely lightweight and won't bulk up under your helmet. The GoreTex Windstopper fabric completely keeps out the wind, but the flipside of this is that it's only included in the area under your nose to below your chin.  This allows you to breathe out your nose, but breathing out your mouth will trap some vapor inside.  This isn't really a problem though because every balaclava does this.  The bonus, however, is that the cold wind won't get inside and make you damp/cold, or even freeze (I've had some fleece balaclavas cause freezing of vapor on the inside because they do not stop the wind).  In this sense, the Craft Pro WS is excellent.


There are two downsides though.  First, the neckline on the front is a bit on the short side.  Depends if you're tall or not. I'm tall, but my jacket's neckline does keep things tucked in.  But I would prefer if this balaclava were about 1-2" longer down in the neck.  Not really much of an issue though. 


However, the second issue I do note is what I consider a minor design problem with the cutout shape, and specifically around the bottom.  When the balaclava is pulled up on top of the nose, the bottom of the cutout rises up as well, to the point where it hits the bottom of my eyes.  The cutout should be made about 3/8" lower.  My mother-in-law is a seamstress so she adjusted and re-sewed it for me, so not a problem for me.  Realize though this will only occur if you pull the balaclava fully over your nose.  If it's below your nostrils, then no problem. AND it may not affect everyone, it does depend on the shape of your face.


Overall, these 2 issues may not apply in most instances.  That being said, I haven't found a better balaclava.  The pros far outweigh the cons.  There's nothing worse than having the inside freeze up because it can't keep out the wind, but this one does.  Other than a couple minor niggles, it's really top notch, and the best I've ever come across so far.


Pros: Stops the wind, not bulky

Cons: Could be longer in neck

I use this under my helmet on windy and snowy days. Has gore windstopper fabric from the mouth down and does the job as intended. It's thin enough that it wont change your helmet fit and the opening works good for a pair of goggles.


I only own one other balaclava, but this one beats it hands down. The windstopper fabric is a must have for me, for a balaclava.

Craft Pro WS Balaclava Black

Craft's Pro Wind Stopper (WS) balaclava is a great base layer on rides when the winter wind is really blowing. It fits close to the skin, under the helmet, and keeps riders warm. Windstopper front

Weight0.11 pounds
Length9.5 inches
SizeOne Size
Height2.25 inches
Clothing SizeOne Size fits All
FeatureHat Color: Black<br/>Hat Size: One Size
Width5.25 inches
List Price$39.99
Product GroupApparel
Product Type NameOUTERWEAR
TitleCraft Pro WS Balaclava Black
Weight / Thickness
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Clothing › Men's Ski Clothing › Men's Base Layer › Craft Pro WS Balaclava Black