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Trail Map
Trail Map
Combloux is part of a ski area called the "Portes de Mont Blanc", known as "PMB". This includes Combloux, Megève-Jaillet, Cordon and La Giettaz. A larger ski pass is available called "Mont-Blanc Evasion", which adds on the rest of Megève, St Gervais, St Nicolas de Veroce and Les Contamines. Notably, it does NOT include Praz sur Arly, the next town to the south of Megève.
There's a high-res PDF map here. Click this map for a bigger image:



Snow parks.

There are two designated snow parks: On the right hand side of the "La Croix" blue run. That has a few rails, three or 4 small jumps and a small but tight boarder-cross course. The other is on the tete du Torraz, and has a couple of biggish jumps and a very short cross course. Neither of these are particularly challenging, there is no half or quarter pipe, and you won't find anything up to the lofty standard set by "The Stash" in Avoriaz, but they're great for kids and learners.

Must-see runs

"La Croix". This blue from the top of the excellent Pertuis chairlift is just the most lovely family run. Lots of space, in the trees, a gentle, consistent gradient, pretty long, and a nice speedy ride back up.
The "Jorace" red is good for a high-speed blast, especially early in the morning.
The "Tréfléannaise" from Christomet down to La Giettaz is the longest run (about 5.5km), definitely worth a go. The La Giettaz valley is generally pretty cold, so runs over this side often stay skiable when others are worn out. The Torraz lift (4-man fixed chair) has been upgraded slightly this year, easing the 700m ascent, and the view from the Tête de Torraz is truly spectacular: when you're skiing down "Contreverse" I guarantee you won't be looking where you're going!
There are lots of fun trails in the trees under the "Pres" lift that are mountain bike tracks in the summer, and thre's a very scary downhill course lurking in the trees towards Megève.

Combloux's fairly low altitude but mostly north-facing slopes often stay in better shape than slopes on Mont d'Arbois. The Arve valley often fills with cloud, so you sometimes find yourself looking over a sea of cloud, or if it rises, right in it! It's rare that Combloux gets windy, but the peaks can be quite exposed. The La Giettaz valley can get very cold.
There are some excellent webcams for Combloux and nearby resorts.
Weather reports from MetCheck are usually fairly reliable, even if they can't spell Combloux!
Snow-forecast.com has snow reports for Megève.


Geneva airport (GVA) is only an hour's drive away on the A40 motorway.

There is an airstrip in Sallanches (north side of town, next to the lakes), and another in Megève.

Buses from Geneva airport

Most of the Chamonix shuttle bus services such as AlpyBusAlplinks and ChamExpress will pick up and drop off in Megeve and Combloux. Not all offer door-to-door service, so check with them before booking. There's a facebook page that might help if you're having trouble finding a transfer.

Borini has three buses per day between Geneva airport and ski stations in the Mont Blanc area including Combloux and Megève. From Geneva Airport, these buses need an hour to Saint Gervais, 1h15 to Combloux, and 1h30 to Megève. Reservations are required.

The lifts are about a 5 minute drive from Combloux town centre. There are big car parks at La Cry (next to nursery and ski schools) and La Cuchet. Most of the time parking is easy, but on weekends and holidays (Christmas and February) it can get pretty packed and it's worth avoiding driving unless you can get there early.
There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the centre of Combloux up to the La Cry and La Cuchet car parks.

I'd suggest you start looking for accomodation on the tourist office web site.
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On the mountain, you'll find Combloux is less expensive than Megève (it's not hard!).
My favourite place to stop for lunch is the Chalet des Bachais, just down from the top of the Pertuis lift. It was extensively rebuilt in 2010 and now has big picture windows to take in a magnificent view over Mont Blanc. It gets busy, but they manage to maintain fair prices and efficient, friendly service. One big bonus is that their toilets are really nice!
Les Clarines, right next to the ski school office in La Cry is a great place to take a big group on a chilly day.
If you want to meet some locals a bit more out of the way, head for the Auberge de Bonjournal restaurant nestled in a saddle in the centre of the link run between Megève/Jaillet and la Giettaz. It's a lovely quiet location with great views.

The Combloux tourist office is situated in the middle of the town next to the post office. They have a web site at http://www.combloux.com/ in French and English.
The dismally slow chairlift from La Giettaz to the Tête du Torraz has been split into two parts and slightly upgraded. This improves access for beginners (who couldn't take the long chair before because it only led to difficult slopes), and though it adds a lift change, the upper lift has gained a magic carpet so it runs a little faster than before and thus takes less time, which, given La Giettaz' propensity for exteme cold, will be very welcome! Curiously the 'new' lower chairlift is actually a second hand one that was previously installed in Courchevel.

Disabled skiers and bikers are catered for by the Veolia foundation's Loisirs Assis Evasion (literally "sit-down leisure"). There's "handiski" info on the Combloux site too. There is a small chalet (see pictures above) beside the piste in the car park at La Cuchet where they deploy all kinds of interesting contraptions, some self-drive, others driven. The ski school offers trips in sit-down ski buggies (the driver stands on the back, and they have a clever articulation so they can fit on chairlifts) so anyone can get a chance to try out skiing. I've seen them bouncing through powder in the trees, so they can really get out there! These are proving quite popular with able-bodied non-skiers too!


If you're on the slopes and need a wee, there' s a toilet at the top of the Pertuis lift - just round to the left as you arrive.

Good: Tree skiing. The low altitude means you're nearly always in the trees, with plenty of interesting routes to discover, fairly difficult to get too lost!
Better: The views are really fantastic, especially from the Tete du Torraz.
Best: Combloux is just great for family skiing. Easy access, cheap lift passes, great nursery, plenty of easy slopes.



For your winter holidays in Combloux, you can enjoy, Alpine skiing : 470 km of runs : Combloux, Megeve, Saint-Gervais, La Giettaz... 3 snowparks with boarder cross, half-pipe and beginners area. Cross country skiing (5.5Km free access in Combloux. 75Km in Megeve). Sledge, snowshoes tracks and also numerous hiking paths facing the Mont-Blanc panorama. 80 ski-instructors, 16 guides from the Megève/Combloux Guide Company... Combloux is pronounced "Com-bloo", not "comb-blur" or similar variants!

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