Championship Hockey Drills

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Championship Hockey Drills

Championship Hockey Drills provides some of the most creative drills & techniques used by successful coaches around the world. Nationally known youth sports coach Marty Schupak and, with the assistance of former professional players and youth coaches, Nate & Bo Leslie, explore the efficient time management theories & the best way to run a hockey practice with limited ice time and space. This highly effective video covers, stick handling drills, small games, game situations, offensive moves, overall skill development, skating technique, practice organizatin and bonus tips. Other videos produced by Marty Schupak & are: "Soccer Shooting Drills", "34 Soccer Goalie Drills"","Championship Soccer Drills""Backyard Soccer Drills" "The 59 Minute Baseball Practice", "" 48 Championship Basketball Drills", "Backyard Baseball Drills", "Winning Baseball Strategies", "Pitching Drills & Techniques", "Driveway Basketball Drills" and "Backyard Golf". He is also author of the popular book "Youth Baseball Drills".

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Product GroupDVD
Product Type NameABIS_DVD
TitleChampionship Hockey Drills
Release Date2007-06-14
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ActorNate & Bo Leslie & players
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
Audience RatingG (General Audience)
DirectorMarty Schupak
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Running Time38
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