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Sofa Ski School: From Blue to Powder

Superb ski instruction sequel to Sofa Ski School's original masterpiece with more on all-mountain skiing, steeps, moguls, powder


Pros: Lessons crystal clear, intuitive physics, advanced terrain steeps, powder, moguls - fundamental how-to's, fun, good music, fires you up

Cons: Some of the most basic drills are to be found in the first video

This second instalment from Klaus Mair (KM) is  a bit more serious, a lot more advanced and fun! Many learnt so much from the first video and it was a good laugh too with good music. Gontlath is the source of the music here too, with the music really, really good in places. It is a self-edited video, make what you like of it, but it really is quite a watch.    You will witness...
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A Film I'll Remember.
A Film I'll Remember.

McConkey -The Movie

Pros: Extremely well compiled and edited. Thought provoking, at times inspiring at others chilling.

Cons: His life was difficult to capture in the time appropriate for a single movie.

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2011 All I Can  by Sherpas Cinema

2011 All I Can by Sherpas Cinema

“ All i could say after seeing All I Can was WOW. Some of the camera work is epic, the best i have seen! I personally liked the Canadian Rockies segment best, but its so hard to define which is the best part of the film. I can't even describe how great this movie is. Incredible skiing from Greenland to Morroco. From Volcanos to the streets of Trail B.C. And after all of the amazing skiing and...” --poNTOonMcConks

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A New Dawn - Poor Boyz Skiing DVD

A New Dawn - Poor Boyz Skiing DVD

A New Dawn DVD (H30 Films) Taking place over the course of two full years, A New Dawn represents how we saw our travels unfolding....wonderful, flawed, injury prone, sunny, rainy, successful, and failed, all in the same film. Shot from San Francisco to Stockholm, Whistler to Western NY, California to Maine, and points in between, we have attempted to tell the story exactly how it happened....



'Anomaly TGRs newest 16mm and HD ski and snowboard release showcases the freakish and abnormal abilities of todays top athletes as they push the boundary of what is humanly possible. Join these athletes as they forge into a brave new world of riding in locations around the globe. The anomaly unfolds as Jeremy Jones continues to touch the void in Alaska, Erik Roner completes his disturbing...