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Ski Equipment and Resorts

2011 Elan Boomerang Ski

Awesome deep powder ski, jumps off the top of the mountain with ease.

Bix dog

Pros: Soft tip & tail with rocker makes for easy turns and great flotation in the deep stuff.

Cons: Not the best for the runout, chatters in bumps and groomed runs.

I demoed these skis in Mammoth when they were new, took them out for a great powder weekend. Being an old surfer dude I loved the tiki graphics and the soft feel of these skis and headed out to find a secret powder stash. Ran into some local friends who tipped me off to the location I skied alone up to the top of Dragon's Back. The traverse was hairy and the top not so inviting but way...
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"Pretty Faces" Is Really, REALLY Fun
"Pretty Faces" Is Really, REALLY Fun

Unicorn Picnic Pretty Faces

Pros: Energy and Whimsy. Inspirational to Young Girls (and even old guys that watch it)

Cons: A little bit long in the Alaska sequence, but that's a minor quibble.

EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts