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Pow Tales - Powder Cords on Steroids

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Pros: Overall a great design. Always ready, easy to attach/detach (even with gloves), and the very bright cord makes it easy to find in deep snow,

Cons: Had to drill small hole in my binding heel to attach bungee cord. This in no way affected the operation of the binding, just another step to install.

I have been using Pow Tales for 2 seasons now and am super happy.  It is a great design overall - always ready to attach on powder days, and hidden away when not needed.   After moving to Utah, it only took 2 times searching for a lost ski on epic powder days before deciding to invest in some type of powder chords.  Both times I wasted almost an hour looking for my ski instead...
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Powder Cord

Powder Cord

Powder cords help skiers locate their skis after a fall in deep powder. One end of the powder cord attaches to ski bindings or ski stopper with Velcro, the other end tucks into boots or pants. When the ski comes off the powder cord unrolls and stays on top of the snow for easy locating.

Pow Tales - Powder Cords on Steroids

Pow Tales - Powder Cords on Steroids

“ I bought two pair of these, one of me and one for my son so the price shown is for two.  They are well made and I like the design. I had no troubles at all mounting the part on the boots.  I have Look PX12 demo bindings on my Nordica Steadfast and they didn't seem to be amenable to drilling a hole in the heel piece but I found a good place to attach the bungee.  It is not...” --mtcyclist

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