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Catamount Reviews


A nice day trip


Pros: Friendly, reasonably varied terrain, don't groom edge to edge

Cons: Limited vertical and terrain

Catamount was the first lift-served skiing I did this year and proved to be a nice warmup.  I went early in January on a Monday and as a student my ticket ended up being $20.  It was money well spent.     Catamount is not huge, but has a reasonable variety of terrain.  It has some groomers with reasonably steep sections that invite speed and the bumped up and fairly steep Catapult which served me as a good warmup for skiing bigger mountains in the weeks that followed.  I probably did the run five or six times during my one day there, which also hints at what I will discuss in the downside section.  One thing that I liked in particular was that...
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My [Old] Home Mountain is a favorite of my Family


Pros: Cheap, good bumps compared to other resorts in the Berkshires, Catapult = STEEP!, good cruising, steep(ish) terrain, amazing beginner terrain

Cons: Slow chairs, smaller area, food is not great, doesn't get a lot of snow

Catamount is an uncrowded mountain located on the border of Massachusetts and New York in the Berkshires. Here, you can find slow chairs and little snow. But here, you can find the best beginner area and the steepest run in the Berkshires with great snowmaking. The beginner terrain is located in the Meadows Area. The Meadows Area is mostly beginner terrain with a few intermediate pitches (not runs! The intermediate runs just have a short and usually icy headwall before turning into a wide green run) at the top. It is serviced by the Meadows Triple Chair, in which you can get off halfway for easier terrain. IMO, it is the best beginner terrain in the Berkshires with wide, wide, wide and...
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