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Castle Mountain


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Castle Lodge


Comfortable hotel room, budget hostel beds, a spacious common area as well as a sauna. 

Extra person charges may apply

$20 and up 

Castle Rental 


They Offers privately owned condos, town homes and single family homes. 

Extra person charges may apply

$150 and up  


T-Bar Pub and Grill
Barnaby Steakhouse & Fireside Lounge
Day Lodge – Castle Mountain Cafeteria 

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain is located 2.5 hours south of Calgary and only a 1.5-hour drive south of Calgary, east of Fernie, BC & north of both Carway and Roosville U.S. border crossings. There is ton of fun and excitement to be had at this mountain will trails from challenging beginner and intermediate trails to great advanced adventure backcountry. Take the short drive to Castle Mountain to enjoy all the amenities of the larger mountain resorts without the large mountain resort prices.

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Pros: Almost always has good snow conditions. Remote compared to Lake Louise or Sunshine

Cons: Slow lifts, not much variety for families.

Castle is really an underreated resort. Maybe it's because its not as close to Calgary as The Lake or SSV, but it is deffinitley worth the 2 hour longer trip on weekends. Less crowds (although this is gradually beginning to change), better coverage (by far), and better value than anywhere close to Calgary. Downsides are that there isn't much for beginners. Mount Haig that opened fairly recently is basically it. Intermediates and Experts alike would love this place. Great fall line skiing. I would recomend it, but if you have a beginner in the family. Sunshine or Nakiska would probably be a better choice for that.


Pros: Most snow in Alberta. Long fall line runs. Great treees. Windsift. Empty on weekdays. Friendly staff.

Cons: Wind delay's/closures. Can have long lines on a powder saturday. Trouble with old lifts. Short season (for alberta)

I don't use the terrain park and haven't spent a night at castle (i have heard it can be a good time, but your options are clearly limited) so those two categories were left blank.


On to the review. There is nothing fancy about Castle Mountain. Most of the skiing takes place on  Gravenstafel Ridge. There are two main chair lifts that run up the center of the ridge, one gets you half way and the other to the top. From the top you have your pick of long, consistantly pitched runs to the bottom. There isn't a lof of "extreme" in bounds terrain at castle, but the runs are plenty steep.


Snow tends to hold up pretty well, mostly due to low traffic. It seems to receive more snow than banff, Sunshine included.


Wind is Castle blessing and curse. The strong winds (200 km +) in southern alberta will help to fill in tracks overnight (this isn't a great bump hill), but sometimes they have trouble getting the top chair open. This makes a smallish hill very tiny.


Definately worth checking out though. I prefer it to the banff resorts.


Pros: Longest fall line. Deep POW. No line-ups.

Cons: People are starting to figure out that this is the best kept secret in Canada

Slow, old lifts keep the "resort" skiers away. Big winds keep whiners away. Big POW and windsift keep Castle a "skiers ski hill"


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