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CAPIX Team Helmet


Pros: Affordable, comfortable, great ventilation

Cons: Can't close ventilation, bulky, low tech

I picked this helmet because it was especially affordable on sale, and I figured the color would make me easy to spot. It has turned out to be very comfortable, but also has one major drawback: you can't close the large ventilation holes. This means that in especially cold and windy conditions, it gets pretty chilly, and I certainly wouldn't want to wear it in the rain. For temperatures in the upper 20's and 30's, I've found it to be fine, and I like the ventilation. When it gets really warm, the ear/neck piece comes off easily and it is a great helmet for a sunny and warm day.

The styling is pretty basic, and in the multi-sport shape that I associate with kayaking and skate boarding (old Pro-Tec like). The knit fabric of the ear/neck warmer piece is especially different from almost anything else out there. I like the style, but it certainly isn't for everyone.

The helmet is on the larger/bulkier side (though not heavy). It stands out a bit from the head, which furthers the "embrace the dorkiness" style, but I'd prefer it a bit thinner.
CAPIX Team Helmet

Very basic helmet with large, non-closeable vent holes and size adjustments by using different thickness pads.

Ventilationyes - always open
Adjustabilityyes - by changing internal pads
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC