Canyons Resort Reviews


Great Mountain


Pros: Easy backcountry acess, not crowded, huge

Cons: None!

I always hear people complain about the Canyons layout, but if you just plan your run first, it is no big deal.  Some great terrain on 9990 - nice steeps and moguls.  Great if you get a lot of snow, but the lower parts of the mountain aren't always in great shape.  Overall, I loved the mountain.

Great playground for intermediate to expert skiers


Pros: Large and expansive, not crowded, great expert terrain off of Ninety Nine 90

Cons: Limited beginner terrain, kids ski school is dismal

Canyons is a large resort with plenty of acres for skiers to spread out.  We were there during spring break season in the  2nd week of March and expected crowds but amazingly had almost no lift lines.  Even the Tombstone lift which is essential for getting places on the mountain did not have any lines.  There is some nice expert terrain off the highest point from the Ninety-Nine-90 chair, with different options for descent.  The narrow mogulled path leading to the “easiest way down” may freak out some intermediate and advanced skiers, so don’t go up there unless you are used to skiing expert terrain; Red Pine Bowl and Lower East Face have some steep sections...
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Good place to ski


Pros: Nice mix of terrain, good lifts, good snow,

Cons: Kinda sprawly.

It's a huge area, lots of great varries terrain for just about any skier. The focus seems to be cruiser type runs and plenty of mellow glades. So there is a bit less offerings for the true expert. But still plenty of challenge to be had on 9990 and elsewhere.     Its UT so snow is always going to be pretty good even though the resort is mostly east facing. Just ski the trees or find a bit more northerly aspect if you want softer snow. There is plenty to go around.     The rap on the resort is that its ahrd to get around. IT is true the place is huge and sprawly, but the lift system is pretty good. Once you get to redpine, it is fairly...
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