Cannon Mountain Reviews


Cannon is a skier's mountain


Pros: terrain, view, vertical, Mittersill!

Cons: grooming, ice, wind

Cannon is top shelf for real skiers in NH.  The only place in NH I prefer is Wildcat, and not by much. The weather in crawford notch is definitely tougher than Waterville or Loon, but the terrain is also better and the views off Middle Cannon trail are superb. I also think the grooming is not as good as other places, but if you are a good skier that's not a problem. You can also get in a little 'backcountry' over at Mittersill, but I do not recommend this unless you are an EXCELLENT skier, as there is no help if anything happens to you, and you have to know where you're going.

Cannon Mountain-Let the naysayers go elsewhere


Pros: the tram, uncrowded, vertical, not cluttered with condos

Cons: nightlife

Cannon has the reputation of being cold, windy and icy. What Northeast mountain isn't. I have more days under my at Cannon than anywhere else. I have even stayed at condos in Waterville and driven up to Cannon for the terrain and lack of crowd. On a powder day Cannon can compete with any ski resort in the east and just wait until the Mittersill section is lift accessed. I can't really rate the terrain park as I tend to stay away from them except for maybe one or two launches a day. Anyway as a person who has skied almost every major ski area in New England I am glad that Cannon gets overlooked. More runs and less waiting for me. I don't care about nightlife as I am fine just kicking at my...
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The Avalanche Trail is steep and long


Pros: Long trails

Cons: Wind and Ice in spring

I worked one season at Cannon on the Ski Patrol, I've seen marvelous skiing and rock slalom in spring.  The Mountain is divers enough for the very best skier to find a challange and the beginner to find enjoyment.

Skied Cannon yesterday


Pros: Great terrain

Cons: Unpredictable weather

Skied Cannon Friday 3/13/15 for the first time in a number of years. Cannon can really suck in that it's often cold, windy, and icy with poor visibility. But not yesterday! Temps in the 20's, little wind, and not a cloud in the sky! Surface was a bit scratchy in spots as it had melted on Wednesday and refrozen on Thursday, but overall snow surface was pretty good. Taft Slalom, Middle Cannon and Gremlin, Vista Way, and especially the 'front five' - Avalanche, Zoomer, Paulie's Folly, and Rocket (didn't do Gary's) were great! And the views were spectacular!   Edit: Forgot to mention - we ate lunch at the top of the tram: Nice room, excellent Reuben sandwich, and you could see Northern...
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Partizan Turks

Classic East Coast mountain


Pros: Good vertical, Accesibility, Variety

Cons: Few lifts, limited apres

Cannon is a typical east coast mountain. Nice views, good enough vertical, good variety but can suffer from wind and cold, hence ice. First, it has great accessibility, right off I93 highway (literally). You won't drive on some country road to access this mountain. Loon gets more crowds with its popularity and Cannon is left to the true skiers. By the way, it's only 12 miles away from Loon and that's why you will hear a lot of comparisons between the two mountains. You will find nice terrain from beginner to expert level. Nice top to bottom runs. Only negatives I could think is the lack of faster lifts and lack of apres. Other than the tram there is only one way to go to summit and on...
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Basil J

Cannon is the best in NH!


Pros: Good Challenge, decent snow quality, excellent kids programs

Cons: Can be windy, and good powder often gets blown off the exposed faces, Can be icy

  I ski Cannon every weekend and both holiday weeks. have been for 4 seasons and will continue for probably as long as my kids want to keep skiing there.  No Glitz, just a good variety of trails, trees, Ice, Powder, groomers, pretty much every condition you can think of. The front 5 are a great mix of steeps, cruisers and bumps, and although they are fairly short, the lift lines are pretty much non existent. My friends visit from other mountains and always mention how "challenging and steep" Cannon is, but my wife & kids are so used to it, we never really think about it. The best way to ski the mountain is to go to the top and and wind your way down back...
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Very Impressed!


Pros: Great Advanced Terrain, Sidecountry, No Liftlines, Tram, No Yuppies

Cons: Icy, Windy, Lack of beginner terrain

Hi, Im an expert skiier from Ontario, who loves taking on terrain in the East. 1st time at Cannon. Arrived at 8:30, caught first chair up, did a nice steep groomer (75 km/h winds on certain faces, made for a frigid ride up the chair) Went directly to Tram, saw nice terrain below tram (DJ's, which was closed til 11:30)... decided to go and see mittersill. Found a nice trail called Gunsight, where I bumped into some locals who were suprised to see a first timer find this gem... Paid my dues haha. Mittersill was a mess, icy as hell, ugly bumps, would be great terrain on a powder day. Skiied a few glades, then went back to the tram area (which was less affected by the wind, therefore...
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Interesting Area


Pros: Cheap, Steep, Accessibility, Weather

Cons: Grooming, Accommodations, Weather

I have skied Cannon a handful of times over the last few seasons. I personally like the area. My biggest complaint is their grooming techniques. They don't run the till low enough and the net result is a lot of ice. My most recent visit they had received nearly four feet of snow in the previous three weeks, but there was still ice everywhere they would groom. The wind plays a roll in the ice as well and the front five is usually in a bit better shape than the backside of the mountain.   I personally don't care all that much about the lodge and food court, but if you are looking for apres ski stuff or a five star lodge, Cannon will disappoint you. There is nothing there other...
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