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Camelback Reviews

Positive Reviews


Interesting Immigrant Hill


Pros: Little Of Everything, Terrain Park, Diversity, Steep, Air Bag, Schools, Racing

Cons: Dangerous Lifts, Crowded on Weekends, No Glades, Rough Moguls If Any

This is a cute place where people from NYC and Philly learn how to ski, so you can imagine how crowded the weekends are.  Besides that the place is not bad, it has some steep runs, decent terrain park, and pretty OK lifts by our standards.  You can do almost all type of skiing except tree skiing.    One thing I do not like about the place are those dangerous lifts.  They take off and right away you are super high.  It makes it dangerous when you have small kids who can not get on the chair on their own. 

Negative Reviews


Too crowded, too icy


Pros: Trails are interesting for PA skiing

Cons: too many people, too much ice, lift lines are longest I've ever experienced, by far.

Icy skiing is par for the course in PA but Camelback gets peeled down to the glare ice very quickly - it is just too crowded.  If, however, the only way you can get your wife to let you go is if she can spend the day at the outlets, Camelback is for you. 

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good place


Pros: a little bit of everything, good for skiers

Cons: bad for snowboarders,

it's a nice place to go once a while if you are tired of blue

Decent area that is close to NYC


Pros: Solid terrain, decent vertical (for the area) good trail selection

Cons: gets crowded, easy for snow to get pushed off to side,

Bring your east coast A game here.  Slogan should be "all hard pack all the time."  Decent trail selection with some interesting terrain, but the wind and crowds forces the snow off to the sides quickly.  That said there are some good lines and if you ski in the area, PA, NJ (Yuck), and NY it's a good place for a day trip.  Good for all ability levels.  Expert skiers will find the challenge in identifying interesting lines while beginners can take comfort in knowing that the terrain never get too rowdy.  To maximize enjoyment one must be able to ski small turns and must be comfortable skiing with crowds.  I hate writing this, but Camelback one of the...
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Descent Mountain but Very Crowded


Pros: OK terrain, Lots of Interesting Little Trails

Cons: Very Crowded, Very Windy, Very Icy, Better Lock Your Skis

Went here a lot with my highschool ski club.  Learned a lot, had a great time there.  I remember it being very windy and cold and icy at the top.  I hit my first (and only) tree on Asp (binding released btwn moguls).  Always crowded there, mostly people from NYC and Northern New Jersey.  A lot of my friends had their gear stolen there, so most definately bring a ski lock with you!!!