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Caberfae Peaks Reviews




Pros: Long steep runs

I list Caberfae as my home area even though it is 2 1/2 hours from me and there are closer ski areas.  I have been skiing it for over 20 years and never get tired of it.  It has some nice beginner runs that go through forested areas, but the north and south peaks are the jewel of the resort.  The runs off of the peaks are somewhat challenging and somewhat long ( for midwestern standards ).  The price is very cheap, you can get a weekend season pass for $99 !  They do have a hotel on sight, the Mackenzie lodge, but I have never stayed there.  If you live in Michigan this is a must do resort.

Best value in Michigan


Pros: cheap, unpretentious, laid back

Cons: somewhat lacking in the snowmaking and grooming department

The "Mighty C" is the granddaddy of downhill skiing in Michigan, opening in 1938 (the same year as Alta). It remains "skiing like it used to be" - low key, inexpensive, down to earth. The resort doesn't spend a lot of money on snowmaking and grooming, and the ticket prices reflect that frugality.  You can get a season pass for under $100 and lift tickets for under $10  if you look around for deals.  This means that conditions can be a bit spotty if it hasn't snowed recently.   About a dozen years ago they brought in some dirt and added more vertical to their two peaks, making for the highest elevation (but not the biggest vertical drop) of any lower peninsula resort.  Adding vertical is a...
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Best Value in Michigan


Pros: Cost, atmosphere.

Cons: Slow lifts

Caberfae has some of the best deals in Lower Michigan.  Midweek passes can be purchased for $99 in the fall and for 2008-2009 they worked out a deal with McGuire's Resort for a pass and lodging.  That was great for those of us that live farther away.   The hill is very friendly, nice lodge and they allow brown-bagging and crockpots for cooking lunch.  Cadillac gets a good amount of lake effect snow.  This season Cab's been leaving a few runs ungroomed and skiable trees offer a welcome change from the typical midwest resort. 

Old time family resort feel.


Pros: Cost, close to home, atmosphere

Cons: crowds, snow quality

Caberfae peaks, also known as the "Big C" is a great value for skiers in central MI.  The terrain is okay for lower MI, last few years have saw lots of natural snow.   Very family friendly vibe, lots of tables and electrical outlets for crockpots in the lower level of the lodge. If local or close by watch for deals on season passes at the warren miller films in the fall.  I have skied the last two years for $99 a pass.