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Burton X8 Snowboard Reviews


08 Burton X-8 ICS!



Cons: I have to wax it? iono

So i'm a freerider on a bloody park board? what's that about? I have no idea why burton calls it a park board cause i've shreded and slashed down steeps, chutes, got lost in backcountry powder one day, basically i ride the most random terrain and the last place you'll find me is in the park.So, yea its a park board and pullin 180's of side banks is a breeze but it performs quite well everywhere else, i guess it all depends on your ability level. i got 11 years under my belt and i'm by no means an expert, but i'll take a double black as the first run anytime. (going from side to side of course) I do admit i am getting a t6 or vapor soon. cant wait to FEEL what those feel like. since i've...
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