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Burton Shaun Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Burton Shaun Snowboard Boot - Men's

The Burton Shaun Snowboard Boot gives Mr. White the performance he needs to dominate X-Games, Olympics, movie seggies, and any day in the terrain park. A Supercuff heel-hold system keeps Shaun (and you) locked in place, and the Power Spine adds support to chart up the pipe walls and boost huge off the lip. Shaun had Burton add B3 Gel cushioning to pad the landings on those massive gap hits. Now, if you don't stick your cab seven, you have no one but yourself to blame.

Recommended UseFreestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemStandard
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White/Gator, Size: 10.020749610810883660134960
Style: 2074961087.5, Color: White/Gator, Size: 7.52074961087.5883660134991
Style: 2074960099.5, Color: Black/Red, Size: 9.52074960099.5883660134793
Style: 2074961088.5, Color: White/Gator, Size: 8.52074961088.5883660135028
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 12.020749670312883660135066
Style: 2074960091.5, Color: Black/Red, Size: 11.52074960091.5883660134847
Color: Black/Red, Size: 8.02074960098.0883660134892
Style: 2074960098.5, Color: Black/Red, Size: 8.52074960098.5883660134830
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 7.0107496-703-7
Style: 2074961081.5, Color: White/Gator, Size: 11.52074961081.5883660134915
Color: White/Gator, Size: 12.020749610812883660134922
Color: White/Gator, Size: 13.020749610813883660134953
Color: Black/Red, Size: 10.020749600910883660134786
Color: Black/Red, Size: 10.5207496009105883660134809
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 7.5107496-703-7.5
Style: 2074967038.5, Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 8.52074967038.5883660135127
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 11.020749670311883660135110
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 13.020749670313883660135059
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 9.02074967039.0883660135141
Color: White/Gator, Size: 10.5207496108105883660134946
Color: White/Gator, Size: 8.02074961088.0883660135011
Color: Black/Red, Size: 13.020749600913883660134885
Color: Black/Red, Size: 7.02074960097.0883660134854
Color: Black/Red, Size: 9.02074960099.0883660134816
Style: 2074967039.5, Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 9.52074967039.5883660135165
Style: 2074960097.5, Color: Black/Red, Size: 7.52074960097.5883660134878
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 8.02074967038.0883660135103
Color: Black/Red, Size: 11.020749600911883660134823
Color: Black/Red, Size: 12.020749600912883660134861
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 10.020749670310883660135158
Color: White/Gator, Size: 11.020749610811883660134939
Color: White/Gator, Size: 7.02074961087.0883660135035
Style: 2074961089.5, Color: White/Gator, Size: 9.52074961089.5883660134984
Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 10.5207496703105883660135134
Style: 2074967031.5, Color: Gold/Gold, Size: 11.52074967031.5883660135080
Color: White/Gator, Size: 9.02074961089.0883660135004
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › Burton Shaun Snowboard Boot - Men's