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Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot - Men's


Pros: Quick On, Quick Off

Cons: I think my feet are to skinny

theyre warm and easy to get on, solid boot.

Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot - Men's

From hidden powder stashes to massive hits, the Burton Men's Ruler Snowboard Boot owns the mountain. These shred-anything all-mountain boots use micro-articulating cuffs and full-length backstays to give you the right amount of flex and support to ride the deeps in the morning and the terrain park in the afternoon. Burton's Speed Zone lacing system offers independent upper and lower zonal control for quick adjustments when you're in a hurry like when there's two feet of freshies. Power Panel Technology in the Ruler Boots' heat-moldable liners employs support panels that help them maintain the first-day flex and rebound on the hundredth day you wear them. All this tech, along with the Ruler Boot's EVA footbeds and 3D molded tongues, ensure your feet will comfortably reign over the mountain from first chair to last run. *Available for US Shipment Only.

Recommended UseFreeride, all-mountain freestyle
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
MaterialSynthetic-leather and textile shell with full-length rubber backstay
Lacing SystemSpeed Zone lacing system
Removable LinerYes, heat-moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: B8166103N, Color: White/Purple, Size: 9.0B8166103N883249320692
Style: B8166103M, Color: White/Purple, Size: 8.5B8166103M883249320685
Style: B8166103W, Color: White/Purple, Size: 14.0B8166103W883249320777
Style: B8166103J, Color: White/Purple, Size: 7.0B8166103J883249320654
Style: B8166103J, Color: White/Purple, Size: 7.0B8166103J9008512738818
Style: B8166103U, Color: White/Purple, Size: 12.0B8166103U883249320753
Style: B8166103T, Color: White/Purple, Size: 11.5B8166103T883249320746
Style: B8166101T, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 11.5B8166101T
Style: B8166101V, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 13.0B8166101V883249320463
Style: B8166101W, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 14.0B8166101W883249320470
Style: B8166101M, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 8.5B8166101M883249320388
Style: B8166101P, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 9.5B8166101P883249320401
Style: B8166102R, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 10.5B8166102R883249320579
Style: B8166102W, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 14.0B8166102W883249320623
Style: B8166102M, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 8.5B8166102M883249320531
Style: B8166102N, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 9.0B8166102N883249320548
Style: B8166102P, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 9.5B8166102P883249320555
Style: B8166103Q, Color: White/Purple, Size: 10.0B8166103Q883249320715
Style: B8166103R, Color: White/Purple, Size: 10.5B8166103R883249320722
Style: B8166101Q, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 10.0B8166101Q883249320418
Style: B8166101R, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 10.5B8166101R883249320425
Style: B8166101S, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 11.0B8166101S883249320432
Style: B8166101U, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 12.0B8166101U883249320456
Style: B8166101J, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 7.0B8166101J
Style: B8166101K, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 7.5B8166101K883249320364
Style: B8166101L, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 8.0B8166101L883249320371
Style: B8166101N, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 9.0B8166101N883249320395
Style: B8166102Q, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 10.0B8166102Q883249320562
Style: B8166102S, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 11.0B8166102S883249320586
Style: B8166102T, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 11.5B8166102T
Style: B8166102U, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 12.0B8166102U883249320609
Style: B8166102V, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 13.0B8166102V883249320616
Style: B8166102J, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 7.0B8166102J
Style: B8166102K, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 7.5B8166102K883249320517
Style: B8166102L, Color: Brown/Camo, Size: 8.0B8166102L883249320524
Style: B8166103S, Color: White/Purple, Size: 11.0B8166103S883249320739
Style: B8166103V, Color: White/Purple, Size: 13.0B8166103V883249320760
Style: B8166103K, Color: White/Purple, Size: 7.5B8166103K883249320661
Style: B8166103L, Color: White/Purple, Size: 8.0B8166103L883249320678
Style: B8166103P, Color: White/Purple, Size: 9.5B8166103P883249320708
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