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Burton P1 Snowboard Binding

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Burton P1 Snowboard Binding

If you seek the same all-terrain power, comfort, and dependability that pro riders Jeremy Jones, Jussi, and DCP demand, stop your search at the Burton P1 Snowboard Binding. With a versatile mid-flex, the ergonomic Living Hinge highback lets you dial your forward lean and rotation so you can rip backcountry lines or butter boxes all day. The baseplate gives you racecar-like handling, thanks to a soft lateral and stiffer edge-to-edge to edge feel, while B3 gel-padding offers cushy comfort when you stomp that massive mute 7. The P1's telescoping strap provides optimal ankle support, while its Super Capstrap with Grip Fit wraps around your toes to push back your heel and provide pressure-free comfort. *Available for US Shipment Only.

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Style: B81451015, Color: Black/Clear, Size: LB81451015883249532361
Style: B81451013, Color: Black/Clear, Size: SB81451013883249532347
Style: B81451023, Color: White/Black/Red, Size: SB81451023883249532378
Style: B81451014, Color: Black/Clear, Size: MB81451014883249532354
Style: B81451025, Color: White/Black/Red, Size: LB81451025883249532392
Style: B81451024, Color: White/Black/Red, Size: MB81451024883249532385