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Burton Ozone Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Burton Ozone Snowboard Boot - Men's

If lightweight s your game, the Burton Ozone Snowboard Boot s the name. Team riders Mason, Mikkel, and Downing had a hand in the creation of this soft-flexing boot, so you know the quality wasn t sacrificed for the sake of weight reduction. The Ozone features Burton s Flex 2 liner, which combines a buttery flex with strategically located TaiPanels that juice up support for landings. For cushioning during hard stomps, Burton added molded EVA footbeds and B3 gel pads that won t break down. The J-Bar system lets you dial in the amount of heel-hold you need, and the Speed Zone lacing system makes tightening and loosening your boots easier than tying your shoes. EST-optimized midsoles bring you closer to your bindings for better board feel.

Recommended UseFreestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemSpeed Zone
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 2075040091.5, Color: Black/Gray, Size: 11.52075040091.5883660137404
Color: White/Red, Size: 8.02075041088.0883660137534
Color: Afterbange, Size: 7.0207504-962-7
Color: Afterbange, Size: 10.020750496210883660137701
Color: Afterbange, Size: 10.5207504962105883660137732
Color: Afterbange, Size: 11.020750496211883660137749
Style: 2075049621.5, Color: Afterbange, Size: 11.52075049621.5883660137671
Color: Afterbange, Size: 12.020750496212883660137640
Color: Afterbange, Size: 13.020750496213883660137718
Color: Afterbange, Size: 14.020750496214883660748501
Color: Afterbange, Size: 15.020750496215883660748518
Color: Afterbange, Size: 7.5207504-962-7.5
Color: Afterbange, Size: 8.02075049628.0883660137688
Style: 2075049628.5, Color: Afterbange, Size: 8.52075049628.5883660137664
Color: Afterbange, Size: 9.02075049629.0883660137633
Style: 2075049629.5, Color: Afterbange, Size: 9.52075049629.5883660137657
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 10.020750400910883660137473
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 10.5207504009105883660137442
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 11.020750400911883660137428
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 12.020750400912883660137374
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 13.020750400913883660137381
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 14.020750400914883660748464
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 15.020750400915883660748471
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 7.02075040097.0883660137459
Style: 2075040097.5, Color: Black/Gray, Size: 7.52075040097.5883660137435
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 8.02075040098.0883660137411
Style: 2075040098.5, Color: Black/Gray, Size: 8.52075040098.5883660137466
Color: Black/Gray, Size: 9.02075040099.0883660137480
Style: 2075040099.5, Color: Black/Gray, Size: 9.52075040099.5883660137497
Color: White/Red, Size: 10.020750410810883660137596
Color: White/Red, Size: 10.5207504108105883660137602
Color: White/Red, Size: 11.020750410811883660137619
Style: 2075041081.5, Color: White/Red, Size: 11.52075041081.5883660137541
Color: White/Red, Size: 12.020750410812883660137565
Color: White/Red, Size: 13.020750410813883660137626
Color: White/Red, Size: 14.020750410814883660748488
Color: White/Red, Size: 15.020750410815883660748495
Color: White/Red, Size: 7.02075041087.0883660137503
Style: 2075041087.5, Color: White/Red, Size: 7.52075041087.5883660137510
Style: 2075041088.5, Color: White/Red, Size: 8.52075041088.5883660137527
Color: White/Red, Size: 9.02075041089.0883660137558
Style: 2075041089.5, Color: White/Red, Size: 9.52075041089.5883660137572
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