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Burton Moto Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Burton Moto Snowboard Boot - Men's

A favorite of advancing freeriders and anyone on a budget, Burton's Moto Snowboard Boot proves that you don't have to break the bank to get quality performance. This boot offers time-tested basics to riders looking for trickle-down top-end construction. Burton gave the Moto a new lacing system that locks your foot in with one quick pull of the single lace cable. The Moto's two-part outsole is soft enough to cushion landings but gives you the sensitivity you want underfoot for sliding rails or even just learning to ride. The unique shell design, featuring anatomical wrapping, gives the Moto superior hold that keeps your boot snug from the top of the boot down.

Recommended UseAll-mountain, intermediate, beginner
Warranty1 Year
MaterialSynthetic-leather and textile shell
Lacing SystemSpeed Zone Express
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Green/White, Size: 10.5207506300105883660579549
Style: 2075063001.5, Color: Green/White, Size: 11.52075063001.5883660579525
Style: 2075063008.5, Color: Green/White, Size: 8.52075063008.5883660579846
Color: White/Black, Size: 7.02075061087.0883660138395
Style: 2075061088.5, Color: White/Black, Size: 8.52075061088.5883660138494
Color: White/Black, Size: 9.02075061089.0883660138418
Style: 2075061081.5, Color: White/Black, Size: 11.52075061081.5883660138487
Style: 2075060097.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 7.52075060097.5883660138272
Color: Green/White, Size: 1420750630014883660579587
Color: Green/White, Size: 1520750630015883660579594
Color: White/Black, Size: 10.020750610810883660138470
Style: 2075061089.5, Color: White/Black, Size: 9.52075061089.5883660138449
Color: Black/White, Size: 11.020750600911883660138333
Color: Black/White, Size: 6.02075060096.0883660138241
Color: Black/White, Size: 8.02075060098.0883660138265
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 7.02075062007.0
Color: White/Black, Size: 1420750610814883660138432
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.020750600910883660138302
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 9.02075062009.0
Color: Green/White, Size: 10.020750630010883660579532
Color: Green/White, Size: 11.020750630011883660579556
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 12.020750620012
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 1420750620014883660138654
Style: 2075062009.5, Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 9.52075062009.5
Color: Green/White, Size: 7.02075063007.0883660579815
Color: White/Black, Size: 6.02075061086.0883660138463
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 10.020750620010
Style: 2075062007.5, Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 7.52075062007.5
Color: Green/White, Size: 13.020750630013883660579570
Style: 2075063007.5, Color: Green/White, Size: 7.52075063007.5883660579822
Color: White/Black, Size: 13.020750610813883660138425
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 8.02075062008.0
Style: 2075062008.5, Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 8.52075062008.5
Style: 2075063009.5, Color: Green/White, Size: 9.52075063009.5883660579860
Color: Black/White, Size: 1420750600914883660138289
Color: Black/White, Size: 1520750600915883660138296
Color: Green/White, Size: 12.020750630012883660579563
Color: Green/White, Size: 6.02075063006.0883660579808
Color: Green/White, Size: 8.02075063008.0883660579839
Color: White/Black, Size: 10.5207506108105883660138500
Color: White/Black, Size: 8.02075061088.0883660138524
Color: Black/White, Size: 7.02075060097.0883660138258
Color: Black/White, Size: 9.02075060099.0883660138371
Color: White/Black, Size: 12.020750610812883660138517
Color: Black/White, Size: 12.020750600912883660138319
Style: 2075061087.5, Color: White/Black, Size: 7.52075061087.5883660138401
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 10.5207506200105
Style: 2075060098.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 8.52075060098.5883660138357
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 11.5207506200115
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 13.020750620013
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 1520750620015883660138548
Color: Black/White, Size: 13.020750600913883660138364
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.5207506009105883660138326
Style: 2075060099.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 9.52075060099.5883660138388
Color: Green/White, Size: 9.02075063009.0883660579853
Color: White/Black, Size: 11.020750610811883660138531
Style: 2075060091.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 11.52075060091.5883660138340
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 11.020750620011
Color: Brown/White/Orange, Size: 6.02075062006.0
Color: White/Black, Size: 1520750610815883660138456
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › Burton Moto Snowboard Boot - Men's