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Burton Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Burton Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boot - Men's

Jeremy Jones is a freestyle madman and a stubborn bastard and you should thank him. He challenged Burton not only to build his signature boot to his exact specs, but to put it within reach of the average shredder s bank account. And since he s Jeremy Jones, that s exactly what Burton did. Jeremy requested the Flex 2 Liner, which offers plenty of lateral flex without forgetting about edge to edge response. This boot offers more support than the glorified sneakers some jibbers wear, but it s flexible enough to make those ollies, grinds, and presses feel smooth as butter. B3 Gel cushioning swallows impact on those flat landings and won t crumble after a season of hard riding, and the J-Bar system lets you customize the level of heel-hold to meet your needs.

Recommended UseFreestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemTraditional
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 2074879659.5, Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 9.52074879659.5883660132720
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 10.020748796510883660132713
Color: Black/White, Size: 8.02074870098.0883660132461
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 10.020748720010883660132515
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 12.020748720012883660132492
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 15.0207487-965-15
Style: 2074872008.5, Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 8.52074872008.5883660132584
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 11.020748720011883660132485
Style: 2074872001.5, Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 11.52074872001.5883660132522
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 9.02074879659.0883660132706
Style: 2074872007.5, Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 7.52074872007.5883660132577
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 15.020748720015883660748273
Color: Black/White, Size: 9.02074870099.0883660132379
Style: 2074879658.5, Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 8.52074879658.5883660132683
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 12.020748796512883660132621
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 11.020748796511883660132676
Color: Black/White, Size: 13.020748700913883660132430
Color: Black/White, Size: 15.020748700915883660748259
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 14.020748720014883660748266
Style: 2074879651.5, Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 11.52074879651.5883660132607
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 9.02074872009.0883660132560
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.5207487009105883660132362
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 8.02074879658.0883660132669
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 13.020748796513883660132645
Style: 2074870091.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 11.52074870091.5883660132409
Color: Black/White, Size: 14.020748700914883660748242
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 14.0207487-965-14
Style: 2074870097.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 7.52074870097.5883660132447
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.020748700910883660132348
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 8.02074872008.0883660132546
Style: 2074872009.5, Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 9.52074872009.5883660132553
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 10.5207487200105883660132508
Color: Black/White, Size: 7.02074870097.0883660132423
Style: 2074870098.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 8.52074870098.5883660132393
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 7.0207487-965-7
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 7.5207487-965-7.5
Style: 2074870099.5, Color: Black/White, Size: 9.52074870099.5883660132355
Color: Black/White, Size: 11.020748700911883660132386
Color: AK Subterfuge, Size: 10.5207487965105883660132690
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 7.02074872007.0883660132591
Color: Black/White, Size: 12.020748700912883660132454
Color: Brown/Dune, Size: 13.020748720013883660132478
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › Burton Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boot - Men's