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Burton Freestyle Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Burton Freestyle Snowboard Boot - Men's

Burton used a skateboard-shoe approach to design the Men's Freestyle Snowboard Boots lightweight, flexible, sensitive, and ready to take on any feature in the terrain park. The liners include quick-fit lacing harnesses to keep your heel locked in place and ensure precise control. Rubber ice-spike soles give the Burton Freestyle Snowboard Boots plenty of traction on those slippery steps, so you don't take a fall while sessioning that newly discovered rail by your house. A thin midsole profile gives you tons of sensitivity on rails, kickers, and any other feature you want to turn into a playground. *Only Available for Shipment to North America.

Recommended UseFreestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] rubber ice spikes
Lacing SystemStandard
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: B84163103P, Color: White/Blue, Size: 9.5B84163103P883249319177
Style: B84163103M, Color: White/Blue, Size: 8.5B84163103M883249319153
Style: B84163102P, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 9.5B84163102P883249319023
Style: B84163102M, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 8.5B84163102M883249319009
Style: B84163102L, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 8.0B84163102L883249318996
Style: B84163102N, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 9.0B84163102N883249319016
Style: B84163102W, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 14.0B84163102W883249319092
Style: B84163101Q, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 10.0B84163101Q883249318880
Style: B84163101R, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 10.5B84163101R883249318897
Style: B84163101S, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 11.0B84163101S883249318903
Style: B84163101T, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 11.5B84163101T883249318910
Style: B84163101U, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 12.0B84163101U883249318927
Style: B84163101V, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 13.0B84163101V883249318934
Style: B84163101W, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 14.0B84163101W883249318941
Style: B84163101J, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 7.0B84163101J883249318828
Style: B84163101K, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 7.5B84163101K883249318835
Style: B84163101L, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 8.0B84163101L883249318842
Style: B84163101P, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 9.5B84163101P883249318873
Style: B84163102T, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 11.5B84163102T883249319061
Style: B84163102J, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 7.0B84163102J883249318972
Style: B84163102K, Color: Tan/Brown, Size: 7.5B84163102K883249318989
Style: B84163103T, Color: White/Blue, Size: 11.5B84163103T883249319214
Style: B84163103W, Color: White/Blue, Size: 14.0B84163103W883249319245
Style: B84163103J, Color: White/Blue, Size: 7.0B84163103J883249319122
Style: B84163103K, Color: White/Blue, Size: 7.5B84163103K883249319139
Style: B84163101N, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 9.0B84163101N883249318866
Style: B84163101M, Color: Black/Charcoal, Size: 8.5B84163101M883249318859
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › Burton Freestyle Snowboard Boot - Men's