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Burke Mountain Resort Reviews

Rich Larow

Great Mt for people who can handle ice, a challenging mountain.


Pros: Great racing courses, tough

Cons: Cold, Sun goes disappears around 11 am from what i remember with the orientation of the MT to the southwest sun exposure

Lots of really good skiers here. Has the old-school ski feel to it still. The roads to Burke are terrible, and the commute from the Lamoille county area takes FOREVER with the tiny roads in the winter. Its cold and not a lot of sun, weeds out the real skiers from the rest. Not a mountain to laugh or balk at.  
Ice Queen

Really great old-school skiing


Pros: no crowds, nice terrain, good food

Cons: pretty far north

My husband and I tried Burke for the first time this year and we loved it. We went up the day after Christmas, on a Sunday, and there were no crowds. We were skiing down one of the blue trails, mid-morning, and there was no one else on the trail, it was fantastic.   As a previous reviewer noted, there is only one high speed lift, and that only serves beginner terrain. The upper quad is slow, but we thought it was well worth it given the complete lack of lift lines. I guess I'd rather sit on a lift than stand in a line. Anyway, we were really impressed with the blue groomed runs, they had really nice pitch, easily as steep as any blue at Stowe and maybe a bit steeper. And...
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Love Burke


Pros: No lift line, friendly staff, easy going attitudes

I have been skiing here for years.  I have climbed it in the summer and snowshoed up through the woods as well.  This is a natural snow skiers mountain.  The ski racers are also fun to watch.   Ski Burke and see the beautiful views of the Northeast Kingdom!

Worth a Shot


Pros: No lines, interesting trails, nice community

Cons: Small, a bit far for my liking (from Boston)

Some might call Burke Mountain a hidden gem, but those that regularly visit the mountain or are lucky enough to be part of the Burke Mountain community can attest to its allure. The mountain itself is not large by any standards, East or West, but it does pack a surprising punch. Home to Burke Mountain Academy, the mountain almost seems to be built and structured in a way that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Cruisers, short steeps, bumps, and even some great glades cover the mountain from bottom to top--leaving no space unused or underutilized. Depending on where you are traveling from, the ride to Burke can be a deterring factor, but if you are in the area or within 2...
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Old School Vermont Skiing


Pros: Great Value

Cons: Can't think of one

This place is one of my favorite mountains to ski in the Northeast.  Although there are bigger place with more terrain, this is by far the best value in New England.  It bit farther to drive than alot of the more mainstream resorts if your coming from anywhere south, but worth the extra drive is made up for with xtra runs as there are never lift lines.  In fact Burke guarantees that if you wait more than 5 minutes, your ticket is free.  I can honestly say I've never got a free ticket.  The resort is set up quite nicely.  There is a large modern main base lodge with a nice cafeteria, retail shop, complimentary bag check and fantastic pub with great views and...
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Northeast Kingdom gem


Pros: completely uncrowded, usually can find stashes, some nice terrain

Cons: antiquaited lift system, lack of nightlife (neither of which are really cons to me anymore)

Burke has to be one of the best kept secrets in the northeast. The lifts are slow and there is not a lot of accommodations and that is why I think it is as unvisited as it is. Good. There are some really nice glades and some nice steeps and cruisers as well. The mountain is very accessible as well. Minutes from 91 in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom. http://www.new-england-ski-mountain-resorts.com/Burke-Mountain.html This is what we do when the lifts close!  

Bring the whole family


Pros: friendly, little crowds

Cons: slower lifts

One of my favorite low-key resorts in VT.  Some of the birch glades are amazing.  Beginner glades for the little ones.  Good atmosphere.