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Building Blocks Instructional Program, 6 DVD Series Reviews


The basics pay off!


Pros: Great progression of drills to enhance skills

I have now gone entirely through the first DVD in this series Basic Balance.  The 6 DVDs move to very advanced skills, but I have so far only worked on the basics (hence the review title.)   I've been skiing for over 20 years, so it ain't what you think of as basic.  The progression of drills on this DVD start with fore/aft balance, then move to lateral balance.  If you stick to them (which I finally did) they develop a rock solid foundation that has allowed me to take my skiing to the next level.  I found many of them fairly easy to do, but when I got to the ones that I had trouble with I discovered a hole in my skill set that needed filling.  A few...
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Building Blocks Instructional DVDS


Pros: Everything!!

Cons: Nothing!!

 I decided to buy this DVD set a supplement to taking private lessons.  They arrived two days after ordering them.  So far I have watched the Basic Balance and Basic Edging DVD's. I have performed most of the exercises on the Balance DVD.  These videos are set up in such a way that a series of drills are demonstrated.  An explanation about the drills and the benefits that they have in advanced level skiing are also given.  The drills start off easy and then progress in difficulty as they continue.  As the name suggests, "Building Blocks", each drill teaches you a new skill that is then applied in the later drills.  This is not a "learn to ski fast" video.  It's offers very in-depth...
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Video Intro

I'll leave the reviews for others to do.  Just thought I should provide this youtube intro to the Building Blocks series for those who might be interested in learning more about it.   Rick