BudFits Earbuds Holders

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Works with several brands of buds, holds well, comfortable

Cons: Packaging should inform consumer that they work with other brands as well not just iPod

I received my BudFits in their bright, easily identifiable marked package.  Opening the package was easy, unlike many products nowadays that are so encapsulated in plastic that you need industrial tools to open them.   My BudFits were frosted clear in color; a good choice for a discreet appearance.   The material is a pliable semi-hard plastic, which is homogeneous and not just a hard plastic with a wear-prone soft touch coating as many products nowadays are.   I found the design to be comfortable and secure, finish was smooth with no sharp edges or anything that might cause discomfort.    I was able to use my non-iPod head phones with them with no problems.   Whereas I normally have a hard time keeping any ear buds in place the BudFits kept them in even after having been tugged several times.   In fact it would take a very hard tug that would probably rip the phones apart to get them off my ear.   I am very pleased with the design and function and would recommend these to anyone.  If there is anything I would change it is the wording on the package, which mentions their use with Apple products only, limiting their potential use by others who may no longer or may never have used buds from an iPod or iPhone.


Pros: They Stay Put !!!!

Cons: Have to fiddle with them to get it on.

I wasn't sure what to think about these Budfits when I first got them. All I knew was that I was sick and tired of earbuds not staying in during physical activity. Any time I tried wearing earbuds and exercising they would always shake out of my ear and when I sweat they wouldn't stay in at all.


I've been using Budfits now for several weeks and I have yet to have an earbud fall out while using the Budfits. I has even tried hard to shake them out and couldn't do it. They just continue to hold the buds close enough to the ear to maintain the great sound quality.


Budfits do take some fiddling around with them to get them on. But, once they're on you're good to go. So, I wouldn't reccommend them for just sitting at a desk. But, if you're up moving around they can't be beat to keep your buds in.


Pros: comfortable, highly functional

Cons: packaging looks nice but is mostly plastic, not very eco-friendly

I received the BudFits in exchange for signing up to do a product review of them. I often use a Motorola SD9 Bluetooth headset with my cell phone to listen to music while skiing and mt. biking as I haven't found a suitable headphone that will comfortably stay in my ear. BudFits is the solution!


I opened the package, followed the simple instructions and voila, over the ear headphones! Putting the BudFits required a slight learning process and is a two handed job for me. Once in place, however, you can forget the things. I set mine up so that the speaker points back to the ear on an angle. This directs the sound nicely so that I hear music in very good quality and can hear ambient noises. This made it convenient to listen to music yet easily carry on a conversation.


The BudFits accomodated sunglasses easily; much better than previous over the ear headphones that I'd tried. I hardly noticed the BudFits so wearing them with glasses was a pleasure.


I will recommend BudFits to all of my friends.


Pros: weight, relative softness, ease of use

Cons: relative firmness

I used these to ski, workout and to listen to movies on my tablet. It took a bit to get the fit to feel comfortable, but once there it was good. I am used to an in-ear-canal style and this was quite different. The fit with the iPod earbuds was quite nice. These allowed for individual adaptation on each ear, and allowed you a shorter process when using them after the first set up time. 

I did not like how my ears felt (sore) after using them with my helmet. The extra material just did not work for my head shape. Also, I got a little concerned with the effectiveness of these and the iPod earbuds in blocking out sound. I do like to hear what is going on around me while skiing, and these did not allow me that option easily.

Overall, good product. 


Pros: Comfortable, Effective

Overall: I am very satisfied with the comfort, effectiveness, appearance and sound quality provided by Budfits.  I would recommend them to anyone needing to use earbud headphones while doing a physical activity.  


Comfot: Budfits fit comfortably over the ears, no discomfort from the seams in the plastic molding.  


Efffectiveness: Budfits stayed in place without issue or readjustment needed during jogging and weight lifting.  


Impact on sound quality: Budfits hold the earphones just outside the ear, not fitted into the ear as they would be during normal wear.  This allows outside noise to be heard more easily while wearing the Budfits.  I find this to be a positive thing as it allows the wearer to remain more aware of their surroundings while jogging/working out/etc.


Non-Apple earbuds: In addition to Apple's iPod earbuds, I tried headphones from a Dell mp3 player with Budfits.  The Dell headphones did not fit quite as well as the iPod's but were held in place well enough to be effective.  I would imagine that a variety of earbuds with a similar stem to the Apple set could work well with Budfits.




Pros: Keep Apple earbuds in place during activity, improve overall fidelity of sound, lightweight and unobtrusive

Cons: Move iPhone inline microphone/control switch to useless position if used as shown by manufacturer, can only use well with symmetrical Apple earbuds

The biggest gripe many people have with the earbuds that Apple includes with the iPod and iPhone is the generic shape: they don't fit many people's ears by default, with the fit getting worse as Apple tweaks the design to look "cleaner."  As for myself, Apple's earbuds in their default setup merely "balance" in my ear canal, refusing to stay put if I do anything resembling movement.


My typical solution has been to purchase aftermarket earbuds that are in-ear models with silicone fitting baffles.  These tend to reproduce sound well and isolate outside noise, which means I can set the volume lower and preserve my hearing in the long term.


However, this sound isolation doesn't lend itself well to athletic activity.  I've long been an opponent of working out in an insular "iPod bubble," and I've seen many runners, walkers and cyclists get into dangerous situations from being unable to hear ambient noise over their music or podcasts.


I've now tested two different solutions to this issue, with each having its benefits and drawbacks.


The first solution tried, back in 2007, was the AirDrives.  These headphones wrap over the back of the ear and hold the speaker in front of the "front lip" of the ear canal.  The premise is that peripheral hearing won't be blocked while listening to a personal music player.  The build is great on these units, with quality materials, sturdy cords (still 100 percent intact 3.5 years later) and an inline volume slider (newer units have an inline mic and iPod/iPhone control where the volume slider was).  And they lived up to the promise of providing clear sound while still allowing outside noise to filter in.




My biggest complaints with these units were a slightly bulky fit, slightly heavy (if durable) design, and tinny audio quality.  Unless molded into a position that somewhat nullified their purpose, the mid-level and bass response on the AirDrives was almost non-existent.  This is great for listening to spoken-word podcasts, NPR and such, but not great for listening to tunes while working out.


BudFits package 2


So when the call came to test Innovelis' BudFits, I jumped at the chance to compare and contrast.

The BudFits are far lower in profile and bulk than the AirDrives.  Being simple silicone snap-on attachments to Apple's stock earbuds, the BudFits are very lightweight.  If using Apple's own earbuds, the fit is perfect, and the BudFits aim the earbud into the ear with little fuss.  They also hold the earbud slightly outside of the ear canal (but inside the "front lip" of the ear canal for secure fit), which allows for peripheral sounds to be heard clearly.  And since Apple's earbuds have decent de facto sound quality, the audio is quite good.  And as alluded to earlier, BudFits enable Apple's earbuds to stay in place as I workout or do any kind of activity, with a minimum of bulk.


BudFits package


But still, they're not without fault.  The earbud cords sprout upward from the BudFits, with the intent being that you route the cords behind your ears and down.  Problems arising from this are twofold.  First, the Y-junction on Apple's earbuds is fairly close to the bud, itself, and the overall cord length is shorter than many third-party earbuds.  Having to wrap the cords over the ears shortens the cords approximately 4-6" (10-15cm), which makes it tough to carry your iPod/iPhone in a pants pocket or bike jersey pocket, especially for taller folk like me.  Secondly, because of this extra routing, the inline mic/switch on iPhone headphones is moved from a position close to the chin/mouth to a position next to the earlobe, which makes both the mic and switch very tough to use, as well as placing them in direct line for sweat contamination.


On the whole, though, this is a creative solution to keeping Apple's stock earbuds in place during active use.  While I'm not one for outdoor workouts with headphones (even with a single headphone), this is a simple and relatively elegant solution that provides above-average sound quality.  Will it replace my day-to-day in-ear baffled units for most listening?  No, but for active use - say, keeping my earbuds in place during the ski day to take and make calls - it's a decent solution.



BudFits Earbuds Holders

Skiing with music is extremely popular, but earbuds slip out of many people’s ears. BudFits are designed to solve this problem by securely, yet comfortably, holding iPod and iPhone earbuds in place, eliminating the need to wedge the earbuds in your ear canals. · Flexible holders conform to your ear’s unique size and shape · Compatible with all iPod & iPhone earbuds (Not compatible with non-Apple earbuds) · iPod & iPhone earbuds not included

Recommended UseFor iPod and iPhone earbuds
Additional InfoEarbuds not included
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