Brilliant Skiing, Every Day dvd


Pros: Entertaining, accessible, important ideas

Cons: None

I'm a big fan of the Sports Diamond, Weems Westfeldt's model of how skiers can take charge of their growth curve and enjoyment of skiing. This dvd explains the concepts with great imagery and humor. The ideas are important and transferable to all aspects of life; they are presented in an entertaining accessible way, supported with images of exciting, inspirational skiing. Brilliant!
Brilliant Skiing, Every Day dvd

In this beautifully produced DVD version of Brilliant Skiing, you'll get an in person introduction to the Sports Diamond™ direct from author Weems Westffeld. Brilliant Skiing, Every Day” is not your basic dry and boring instruction production. It is the summary of Weems Westfeldt's life-time experience as a skier and ski instructor. Weems offers skiers (and other athletes) the Sports Diamond™ -- a powerful strategy for managing and sustaining progress, so every day on skis can be brilliant -- even when you're not at your peak performance. You’ll have some fun with it as well as change the way you look at skiing. It summarizes the wisdom and insights that Weems and his colleagues have developed in the last 40 years of ski instruction and research.

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