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Pros: Well written, thoughtful, useful

Cons: I had to look up the definition of Polytropon...

This is a fine book. Weems has a gift for distilling his experiences as a ski instructor and a skier in a way that gets to the core of the matter while keeping things light.  The book is structured around the Sports Diamond and its core concepts of Power (the What), Purpose (the Why), Touch (the How), and Will (the Ferrell).   There are a lot of pithy tips, personal anecdotes and great photos of centered skiers throughout. This is a book that sort of pushes you away from itself in the sense that it makes you wish you were out making turns in bluebird conditions at Aspen instead of looking at them and reading about them. But Brilliant Skiing is a great read...
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Ridge Hippie

Weems book


Pros: Great read, Good holistic view of a sport

Cons: None

Weems has a great way of writing that brings a complicated subject into simplicity.  I really like the mental side of looking at a sport.  I have always been a skier working on technique and have forgot to open my mind to the fun of sliding down a mountain and stopping to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.  The diamond approach applies to other sports and to life.  I would like to think I am a better skier and a better person after reading the book.  The Sports Diamond is to me a great way of looking at a sport. I would highly recommend reading this book.