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Briko Phoenix Racing Helmet - Japanese Ski Team


Pros: Affordible - Comfortible - Race Proven by Bode Miller, Beni Raich and the Japanese Ski Team

Cons: Hard to find dealers who carry them in the US

Overall a really great helmet.  I'm biased at this point because this is my third, and I now think enough of them to have bought the Jamaican Ski Team junior version for my 12 year old grand daughter who is a serious skier. 


Sizing and Fit - I wear a Large (60) and it's a true fit vs. other helmets I have had like Maplus, Alpina and Leedom, which ran on the tight side across the jaw line. Interior padding is very well configured, and padding around ears is on velcro, so it can be removed on non race days when the air is warmer.


Comfort Level - High - Can get warm on a warm day, but I have had no problems with being cold on cold days, or even really, really cold days.  There is no gimicky ventilation adjustment system, just a very efficient design that maximizes airflow


Safety - All the requisite certifications for Europe and the USA - CSI, FISI, ASTM and EN. Chin strap is woven synthetic with a metal micro adjustable buckle surrounded by plastic - makes for really precise adjustment and has a one finger quick release.


Graphics - KIller!  Unfortunately not all the versions are available in the US.


Where - I get my helmets from Race Stock Sports in Waterbury, Vermont - owner PJ Dewey at 802-578-3585 - PJ was the Lange Boot Tech for Picabo Street, and other Lange sponsored athletes on the US Ski team in the 90's and early 2000's. They don't come any better!

Notes added 1/20/2012 - Artech Ski carries Briko helmets now - http://www.artechski.com/

Briko Phoenix Racing Helmet - Japanese Ski Team

Briko is an Italian company that produces 9 lines of adult and junior helmets for skiing. Four of them are definitely geared towards alpine racing. The Kimera, the Phoenix and the Indian for adults and the Rookie for juniors. They also make some very good ski goggles and have clothing and bicycling lines. The Phoenix is a serious adult racing helmet, made with a PC injection shell, and using high performance thermoplastic resins and ABS technology. Graphics and finish are very good, and the weight factor is low. Padding is very comfortable and the ventilation system is efficient. The strap has a micro metrical buckle for precision adjustment. Can be fitted with a stainless steel slalom bar, also made by Briko specially for this model. Graphics 2010/2011 - Jamaican Ski Team, Bode Miller, Japanese Ski Team, Blue Benni, Red Briko, White Briko, Black Briko Classifications - CSI, FISI American ASTM S:204 Certified - European EN:1077 Class A Adult Sizes: XS (54), S (56), M (58), L(60), XL(62) (Sizes run large) Their helmets have been hard to find in the US since production problems in 2005, but they are slowly coming back into some independent stores like Race Stock Sports in Waterbury, VT and Santa Fe Mountain Sports in Santa Fe, NM. Race Stock - owner - PJ Dewey Santa Fe Mountain Sports - owner -Dan McCarthy

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Skiing, Racing & Safety Accessories › Ski Helmets › Briko Phoenix Racing Helmet - Japanese Ski Team