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Boyne Highlands Resort Reviews


Boyne VS. Nubs


Pros: Great for families/beginners/classy(?)

Cons: Bad snow compared to Nubs, not many advanced hills (In my opinion)

I live fairly close to both Nubs Nob (10 Minutes) and Boyne Highlands (15 Minutes). Every time I skied, I went to Boyne. All of my friends went there and I was content with it. The hills aren't demanding, but were steep enough to let you pick up speed and make you feel cool about yourself. Great for beginners/transitioning intermediates. The problem with Boyne is their snow quality. I have a friend who has worked both places and according to him, Boyne grooms every 3 days while Nubs does it every morning and night. For beginning/off-and-on skiers, this isn't a problem, but for more serious skiers, this can make all the difference. Don't get me wrong, Boyne is a nice place, but compared...
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Great place for beginners and intermediates.


Pros: Very friendly staff. Everyone greeted us at the chairlift.

We stayed just a few miles from the area so we my wife and I skied on their any four hour ticket. We tried to get on all the blue and black runs and we had a good time skiing. The first thing we noticed was how friendly everyone was to us. The staff was certainly friendly, but also the locals skiing there. As we skied later in the week at Boyne, people that we talked to said that the older groups prefer Boyne Highlands because it is more enjoyable skiing for them while Boyne is skiing at a faster pace. It would certainly be good to try both and see which you prefer since they are approximately 20 miles of each other.

Boyne's little sister


Pros: most vertical in lower peninsula, best blue-green cruiser in the area, less of a zoo than Boyne Mountain

Cons: not managed up to it's potential, spotty grooming

Boyne Highlands invites comparison with it's sister resort 50 miles to the south, Boyne Mountain, and it's neighbor Nubs Nob which is just across the street. Compared to Boyne Mountain, the Highlands is less crowded, more "friendly" and more low-key.  There's also less to do while you're not skiing (ie not as much of a party scene, no waterpark, airport, shopping, etc.)  Of the two hills, I strongly prefer the Highlands, but I'm there for the skiing, not the nightlife, etc.  The terrain is about a toss-up between the two - the Mountain has a larger network of beginner trails, but there's still plenty of easy greens to be found at the Highlands.  The Highlands has the best easy cruiser in...
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