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Bordz Up Pipeline PLS-2004 4 Pair Ski Rack Reviews


High quality, innovative racking system


Pros: Quality materials; innovative design; flexible; expandable; high density storage

Cons: Limited to standard configurations via company's web store

I was looking for additional storage, but had limited wall space to hang skis on. Traditional hanging rack systems leave the skis perpendicular to the wall and I've found many times where the bindings from 2 adjacent pairs bump into each other and prevent the skis from hanging straight.  I've also found some of the newer skis (particularly cap construction) are too thick to fit traditional racks. The Bordz-up solution allows the hanger to pivot to 45 degrees which allows the bindings from 2 adjacent pairs to slide next to one another.  The configuration I ordered has 6 hangers on a PL-2004 pipe system for 6 pairs in 36" of wall space.  Material is very high quality and the system is very...
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