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Bluehouse Maestro

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Bluehouse Maestro

Reviewed in a 189 length. I am 6'1" and 220 lbs, expert skier. I tend to like K2 factory skis (Obsethed, Kung Fujas), and generally tend towards less-stiff skis. This ski is quite simply one of the best values in skiing, sold at a non sale price of $449, and sale prices much lower! It is an S7 style 5 dimension ski, tapered tip and tail, large rocker profile with totally flat camber underfoot. Dimensions are 134-118-131. These have become my go to all-mountain ski for Wolf Creek, CO. In deep snow they are very smeary, very fast to come around- great in tight trees. They perform well in cut up snow and crud. I have had these out in NASTY boilerplate conditions, stuff like cut up slush refrozen to ankle breaking crust, frozen groom, translucent ice. The ski remained confident and never lost an edge. Its not a carver and on hard stuff it is TOUGH to get this ski to railroad track, but it also never got away from me. In these conditions I had the widest ski by far in my skiing group, and was NOT the best skier, yet was skiing better that day because I could trust the ski. On typical west coast groom, the ski is complaint and will carve decently, but this certainly isn't a carving ski. Getting really aggressive with turns will wash out the tails. Still, these are fun on the occasional groom run. The ski has quite floppy tips and tails, firming up quite a bit on the running length. This is not a terribly damp ski, and will transmit big impacts up the ski. However, I even in heavy crud, I never had a problem with deflection- the skis would go right where they were pointed. A discount ski manufacturer raises many quality questions. These skis are manufactured in China using factory space of one of the major manufacturers. Some Bluehouse skis are assembled in Salt Lake City. The fit and finish of the skis right out of the box was right in line with any major manufacturer. The topsheet is glossy and good looking, and the sidewalls and bases looked great. In previous years, several people have reported receiving Bluehouse skis with no tune, leading to no base structure, edge high/low bases, and dull edges. For the 2012-2013 season, Bluehouse has all of their skis tuned by a Salt Lake City tuner before sale. I found the skis with a very good tune out of the box- great looking base structure and sharp edges. The only tune work I did to the skis before reviewing them was ironing in as much wax as I could get the bases to take- no edge work. In summary, I would absolutely recommend this ski as a one ski quiver for the powder-oriented. These are great skis, and are absolutely comparable to skis twice the price.

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