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Blue Knob

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Pros: The best technical runs in PA. Beautiful scenery, lack of crowds, more affordable lift tickets, best vertical in PA

Cons: CONS: inconsistent information on website.

PROS: The best technical runs in PA. Beautiful scenery, lack of crowds, more affordable lift tickets, best vertical in PA.

CONS: inconsistent information on website.

Blue Knob lives and dies by natural snow fall because that is the way the runs and trails are setup. It is a skiers mountain and the best runs require ample natural snow. They even have back country runs if you put in some research online. It’s easily the best mountain in PA if the conditions are right.

On Feb 28th, 2015 all the stars were aligned. Every slope and glade was opened. There was powder with 20 degrees and endless sun. I never got bored and skied till legs gave way. This is not an easy feat in the Mid-Atlantic for a skier who has been to Tahoe, Big Bear, Whitefish, Mammoth, Utah and SnowShoe in WV. Blue Knob trumps 7Springs, White Tail, and Camelback and all other PA resorts due to its fantastic glade runs. Those other resorts are too commercial with a lack of intricate difficult runs and draw big crowds. But the pros to the fancier resort are better conditions when Mother Nature isn’t helping. A common problem in PA winters where anything goes.

The biggest drawback to Blue Knob for me seems to be a lack of integrity on conditions, and slope availability. The website isn’t well updated. It can be a gamble going there. I try and be smart and go late season, I look for multiple sub 25 days where they claim all trails are open and I know it’s been snowing.  I see a lot of complaints from people on the lodge, staff, and resort. None of that matters to me, nor do I agree with it. I think a lot of those reviews come from DC snobs who don’t do their homework about the resort.  

Do your homework, watch the weather, and watch ski reports from people that have gone and this place is an oasis. Show up on a bad condition day and its pedestrian.

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Agree on all counts. If you're local enough to pick your day, Blue Knob is a great place to ski (and super inexpensive too). The facilities (and website) are extremely Western PA -- meaning either "unpretentious" or "run-down", probably depending on where you're from. For me, especially with the reasonable rates, it always added to the charm.