Blue Knob

Check out the Unofficial Guide to Blue Knob for details on things like secret stashes, best places to ski, avoiding lift lines, and other local insights on the mountain. 



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Trail Map
Trail Map and Unofficial Guide
 Trail Map
Resort Guide. Thanks to all those who donated pictures! 
1072 Total Vertical Feet.  Summit Elevation 3172'.  100 Acres.  Mountain Top Lodge.
Resort Slogans: Ski Good or Eat Wood!  The Skiers Mountain!  Pennsylvania's Best Kept Secret!  Altitude with Attitude!

Blue Knob Four Seasons Resort has a reputation of being an advanced mountain relative to the region.  The mountain has long runs, consistent pitch, glades, narrow chutes and quirky windy runs!  It's not all advanced and there is plenty for skiers of all abilities but there is something to the local adage that if you can conquer all aspects of this mountain you will be well suited to ski almost anywhere!

Various "areas" of the mountain to ski- Beginners Area (Snow Drop Triple Lift),Top of the Mountain (Double Chair Mid-Station Loading Area), Upper Mountain (Express Triple Lift) and Lower Mountain  (Double Chair).

The Beginners Area has it's own Triple Lift and a nice wide, shallow slope to take those first turns on and make those first falls.

The Top of the Mountain refers to all trails serviced by the Double Lift's midstation loading area such as Upper Route 66, Upper Mambo Alley, Upper High Hopes and the Terrain Park. The midstation loading area allows park rats, Nastar racers and beginners to take loops.  It is also the highest elevation and opens first every season. The lodge is at the top of the mountain as well.

The Upper Mountain refers to all the trails that run to the Triple Lift. This area houses several beginner and intermediate trails that run @575-600 vt ft down to the base of the triple lift.  There is plenty of challenge here with fantastic fall line steep cruisers, winding beginner trails and great glades when they are open.  One note here the base of this area can get congested and be dangerous, 5 trails all merge here and there is little runout area with beginners and advanced skiers sharing the area so be careful.

The Lower Mountain area refers to the advanced trails leading from the Double Chair's midstation unloading area to the base of the double.  These are advanced trails and not for beginners, there is some truly steep and challenging terrain.  If you accidentally exit on the midstation unloading area and are not ready, hang far lefts across Deer Run and take Burma Road to gentler waters!  For advanced riders use the midstation exit and enjoy the 700 vt ft and long runs as it is much faster to ski the lower mountain via the Double Chair midstation unloading area and the upper mountain via the Triple Lift.

Night Skiing

Blue Knob offers night skiing usually staying open until 10 PM most evenings. The map clearly shows which trails have lighting as does the guide below, but they have many trails open and offer good terrain lighting some advanced trails (Stembogan and Deer Run) allthough conditins can get icy at the end of a long groomed day.  The weekends gan be some really fun nightime gatherings and some weekdays the crowds are smaller at night and you can own the trail. The lighting is adequate allthough according to some locals it "isn't what it used to be".


Blue Knob simply does not have the huge crowds that nearby competetive resorts can get.  There is rarely any lift line wait and allthough the lifts are slow they keep the long slopes uncrowded and the people spread out.  Obviously weekends can get more congested but what usually brings out the crowds in my experience is excellent conditions.  People know Blue Knob is a great place to ski when it snows! The advanced terrain offers additional escape from crowds as it is completely seperated from the beginner terrain. 

Ski Patrol

On regular patrol, the headquarters is located in the main lodge near the rental area. Employees can be found at each lift loading and unloading station. The ski patrol at Blue Knob is excellent and made up of passionate dedicated members.

Trail Guide

BEGINNER                                                                                                   SNOWMAKING  lights

Upper Mambo Alley-  An easier section of Mambo Alley on the upper part of the mountain.  One of the first trails to open.  A new skier might take the midstation lift back up and do this a couple times before attempting the lower half of Mambo which is slightly more challenging.


Upper Mambo Alley curving into Mid-Mountain.


Lower Mambo Alley- Mambo Alley is a great beginners trail. It is not boring and twists and turns down a ridge to the bottom, combined with Run Out it is quite a long ride.  It is only the 3 mile trail boasted by BK if there is natural snow and you ski a mile or so past the lifts and either hike back up or hitch a ride.  Mambo Alley has several chutes of its sides and it does unfortunatly pass right through the middle of the blue run Expressway. The final pitch at the Triple lift can be a bit challenging, to avoid this, hang the last left and cut to the last dip of Jack Rabbit, which has a shallower final descent.


Looking down Mambo Alley from Mid-Mountain.


Snow Drop - Beginner's Area, wide and shallow with a dedicated lift, completely seperate and safe from the rest of the mountain and advanced skiers.  A great place to learn how to ski.  The ski school offers group and individual lessons of various lengths and costs.  I recently had an excellent experience with the New Generations Ski School whom have an excellent program for young skiers.


Looking down the Snowdrop area.

Fox Trot-  Short little connector from Jack Rabbit to and crossing Expressway cutting over to Knee Bend! Feels more like a narrow connector then an actual trail. No No
Run Out-  Connects the base of the Triple lift to the base of the Double lifts.  Slow, rolling and wide.  A few trials such as Extrovert and Short Way connect to this trail- as do the lost Boneyard and Mineshaft Glades but you couldn't tell where! Try to find them on a natural snow day! Good for beginners, way to get somewhere for the rest. YES YES
Upper Short Way- Starts as part of the Upper Route 66 face, but hang a right after the NASTAR gate for a shallower approach and you will be rewarded with a slightly steeper drop with a little more sustain to the mid-mountain area. The trail continues through the mid-mountain area down an enormously fun descent to the middle of Deer Run (this section is just called Short Way on the official map.)  When at the mid-mountain area do not go left down Mambo Alley or right across the flat to the mid-station lift, but straight ahead and down! YES NO

Upper Route 66- The home of BK's NASTAR course and the signiture run of the Top of the Mountain.  A fun, not-to-steep drop, runs right under the Route 66 double lift.  Racers can take the midstation lift back up or continue on from the mid-mountain which allows access to many trails.  This is one of the first trails to open every year. This trail is almost always groomed. At mid-mountain there is the Mountain Oasis or what the official map calls the Mid-Way Barbeque.  You can catch food here during some events but mostly it houses NASTAR needs and usually has a fire during races and events.


Looking up Upper Route 66, Upper Shortway is what the drop on the left is called. The Mountain Oasis on the right, getting ready to set up for NASTAR races.

Knee Bend- On trail map as a green trail, listed as a blue on the BK website.  Either way it is an easy little drop in from the terrain park (hang a left) to Mambo Alley.  When there is natural snow, it carves a path down next to the terrain park on its left.  You can use it to dip into Skyline Glades. No No

Jack Rabbit- A fun cruiser on the far west side of the resort.  It borders many private ski homes and has many paths out to these homes.  The shelf on the left run offers some challenging terrain riding at times like a tight bump line with no exit at times! Keep an eye out for the log 'rasta' shack on the left of the trail.  Runs to the base of the Triple lift.  It starts and ends fairly shallow allthough it has one fairly steep drop, so while it is an easier 'blue' run it does present some challenge.  On a day with natural snow you can access the Triple and Forever Glades off the right of this trail as well as cut over to the very bottom of Mamabo Alley. Runs about 575 vt feet allthough it feels much longer and it is not crossed by other trails or lifts giving it a more isolated feel.  This trail is usually groomed.


Looking up Jack Rabbit. Photo by Jim Keeney.


The 'Rasta' Shack!


Upper Expressway-  Upper part of a nice blue cruiser with a nice pitch.  The different sides of this trail offer fun lines and seem to have unique character.  Feel free to hit some trees on the right side on a nice day, I have seen the trees on the left skied but if I were you I would expect to eat some wood. The conditions on Expressway change, it is usually groomed but is allowed to bump up for a couple days after a snow.  I have seen the grooming team only groom one side for a couple days after a big snow. There are freshies to be had on a powder day for a couple hours. The Triple lift runs up this trail and on the upper portion is centered more on the right of the trail allowing room for larger turns on the left side. The complete trail decends about 575 vt ft.


Looking up Upper Expressway.


Lower Expressway-  Lower half of a great fall line cruiser with consistent pitch.  The trail is cut in half by Mambo Alley, so be careful at this point. Same conditions as Upper Expressway allthough the lift poles seem more centered.  It also descends into the same bowl as Mambo Alley, Laurel Glades, Jack Rabbit and Deer Run so control your speed at the end of the run.


Looking up Lower Expressway.


Looking down Lower Expressway.

Upper High-Hopes- Houses the terrain park. Technically the trail to the right of it now. YES No
Burma Road- A little connector trail that takes you from the midstation and traverses across towards Mambo Alley eventually feeding into that trail and getting you to the base of the Triple Lift. Acts as a bail out for Deer Run and therefore its is also a way out of the top of Lower High Hopes too.  Hang lefts!  Not really a trail, just a connector. No No

Ritchey's Run-  A short chute that connects a bend in Mambo Alley.  It is a fun little drop though and always has natural conditions and is never/rarely groomed.


Looking down Richey's Run.


Looking up at Richey's Run.


Deer Run- A classic fall line BK run.  Home of the Blue Knob race course and program.  The left side and center is groomed and great for fast GS turns and the far right side is usually left to bump up. Nice wide steep trail with a consistent pitch. You can get to Deer Run via the Double Lift midstation or Upper Shortway merges with it. Access Lower Shortway on the right in good conditions for a challenge. Careful at the bottom as the trail merges with 5 others.


Looking at Deer Run from the Triple Lift! Don't worry they groom it sometimes! Photo by jamesj.


Looking over Mambo Alley at Deer Run!



Skyline Glades- Some of the easier glades on the mountain.  Found in between the terrain park, Expressway and feeds into Mambo Alley.  They can be accessed from the Terrain Park or Expressway.  Lots of fun, needs natural snow.


Looking up the Skyline Glades.


Looking down the Skyline Glades.

No No

Forever Glades- Great glades, fairly steep and a little challenging.  Never groomed but in places it is wide enough to be. Accessed off of the lower portion of Jack Rabbit or the right side.  Hang a left and access more terrain through the trees.  Usually a jump at the bottom as it connects into Mambo Alley. Or hang a left down a little track and come out where Jack Rabbit and Mambo Alley meet.


Looking down the Forever Glades!

No No

Laurel Run Glades-  A lovely drop past a few large trees.  Access from Mambo Alley or use Burma Road to cut over to it on Mambo.  Sheltered by trees in between Expressway and Deer Run. Ski carefully at the bottom as you merge with other several trails.

Looking at the Laurel Run Glades from the Triple Lift.  Photo by jamesj.

No No
Triple Glades- A really fun intermediate glade that drops from the upper portion of Jack Rabbit to Expressway.  True wide glade feel, lots of line choices, like the rest of the glades you need natural snow! No No




The Playground - Terrain Park  Located at the top of High Hopes, under the High Hopes Double usually features 3-4 Jumps with 2 or so Jibs. Nice pitch.




Lower High Hopes- A great trail, stands on its own, it does not feel like a continuation of Upper High Hopes at all.  It can be accessed from Upper Route 66 by going around the mid-station, by hanging a hard right at the top of Deer Run or from the offload side of the midstation (which is most common.) It is a great trail, double fall line, fairly narrow and has a fairly consistent pitch but is slightly shallower at the top, the steeper then finally levels out a bit on the bottom quarter. The trail cuts across the great steep trail Extrovert. Before it crosses Extrovert, snow quality is always great, after it crosses Extrovert the lower portion can become icy.  This trail has a double lift that is rarely used running up the middle but it makes for great turns and varied lines to the terrain- the right side is narrow but up against a graded wall the left side is wider and up against a steep drop. This trail has snowmaking and usually opens fairly early in the season. It is a great one to hit after a storm, it holds snow well.  Watch for rocks in both early and late season rides.


Looking up Lower High Hopes!


Looking down High Hopes!


East-Wall Traverse-  Not really a

trail, just a connector to get to Stembogan.


Edgeset- A wonderful trail with lots of character that connects from the top of Extrovert to Stembogan.  Very narrow and coming-round-the-bend, access it by taking the very top of Extrovert and continuing to the right.  Try taking Edgeset to D-Trail to Stembogan to Ditch Glades on a snowy day for a leg burning challenge. Edgeset bumps up (sometimes big) after the powder is tracked a bit and can be very challenging; to be skied well requires a tight line, but it is just wide enough for short turns.  Once you hit the main drop it levels out and traverses toward Stembogan.  Acceses East-Wall Glades and D-Trail.


Looking up Edgeset!


Looking down Edgeset!

No No
Stembogan Trail- See below. YES YES
Stembogan Bowl- See below. YES YES

Stembogan Field-  Stembogan is another classic BK trail, and while it has three sections to it, it rides like 1 trail.  Has a mid-atlantic bowl at the entrance that is fun allowing for lots of different lines and then it tucks into a series of switchbacks down the mountain.  The first time down this trail is challenging as you attempt to anticipate the next turn.  Once you know it well, you can take your favorite drop and then bobsled down this run leaning into the tight turns.  There are a couple decent drops but nothing too crazy. For some this is the trail to come back for- it is very unique, has been pointed out as being reminiscent of Stowe's "Nosedive" and therefore a great deal of fun.


The first two turns of Stembogan!


Dropping in on Stembogan. Photo by Jim Kenney.


Ditch Glades-  A natural half-pipe tucked in on the East side of the resort.  There are few large trees left from early pictures I found of this run, but there are a few, especially at the steeper start of the trail. The trail starts fairly wide and funnels down to a tight pass. Needs natural snow to open, but when it does, this is one of the best rides on the mountain or at least the most interesting.  Access from the fourth big turn on Stembogan.


Looking down the Ditch Glades! Photo by jamesj.

Looking up The Ditch Glades.  Photo by jamesj.


No No

Lower Shortway- A fantastic natural snow only, ungroomed trail running up a double fall line.  It is fairly narrow and has a nice pitch, getting steeper towards its lower third.  This trail was probably originally cut as the power line for the summit.  From it you used to be able to access the Mineshaft and Boneyard Glades, much of the glades are ther but you will have to forage a way out of them!  The end of this trail is actually a little steeper then Short Cut but is a little wider.


The top of Lower Shortway. Photo by Laurel Hill Crazie.

No No
Upper Extrovert- See below. YES No

Lower Extrovert- This trail (along with Lower Route 66, Stembogan and off-piste skiing) is what brings advanced riders to BK. A total 28.5 degree pitch with occasional pitches up to 55 degrees on the upper half with occasional drops and a little cliff on the right side line.  Lower Extrovert is left to bump, and the differernt sides ski uniquely the right having a more consistent descent and the left being more difficult.  Perhaps it has to do with snow gun placement which is on the left.  Upper Extrovert can be a little icy, well windswept.  It is a very challenging run and on par with expert runs at much larger resorts.  Sometimes intimidating during icy conditions and endless amounts of fun on a powder day. Lower High Hopes and Lower Route 66 cross the trail so be careful at this point when on any of these trails.  The lower portion is long and can be a leg burner. It does have snowmaking but it is often the last trail with snowmaking to open and BK will not open it without a cold winter.


Looking up Upper Extrovert.


Looking down Extrovert!!! Lookout folks!!! Photo by Jim Kenney.

East Wall Glades-  This natural snow only trail is considered by BK regulars to be one of the most challenging on the mountain.  It decends over small drops and rock outcroppings down a steep and true glade.   No No

D-Trail- Very steep drop into Stembogan from Edgeset. Towards end on left side. At least a 75-100 vt ft steep drop, short but long enough it must be skied with skill. Perhaps the steepest drop on the mountain.


Looking down D-Trail! Photo does not do justice to how steep this is! Photo by Jim Kenney.

No No

Lower Route 66-  BK's Liftline.  This narrow trail (natural snow only) bumps up into one of the sweetest, most challenging descents on the mountain.  A favorite of regulars when its available, the quote I always get is, "When it's nice, its as good as it gets!"  Go around the mid-station or hang a right off of Upper Extrovert before High Hopes crosses it.


Lower Route 66 looking down.


Lower Route 66 looking up! Nice!

No No
Short Cut- A drop off of the bottom of Lower Shortway. Hang a left once you get near the bottom.  This is a nice, narrow drop dipping into the trees. It is slightly more narrow then Lower Shortway, usually requiring a very tight line, but it is not long. No No


Looking down Shortcut. Be sure to duck at the bottom! Photo by Laurel Hill Crazie.


Backcountry Skiing-

I have seen every bit of BK skied. During a big snow every bit of terrain can get some tracks.  But there are miles of backcountry trails at Blue Knob on both sides of the resort both on resort, state park and private property.  There are no maps and to truly experience these trails (probably best late January to late February) you need to find a local to ski with you.  Without giving away too many secrets and highly prized and defended first-lines, know that there are several backcountry trails that connect with the in-bounds trails.  There are trails that connect the Alpine Village to the east of the resort to lifts and trails that connect the private residence village west of the resort to lifts.  There are also several trails that descend the face of the knob in different manners (winding, down dirt roads, etc...) all over the mountain if you can find them and are willing to earn your trails, meaning you may have to hike/skin for them. It is also possible to ski down to a car and drive back to the top of the mountain. Many of the nordic trails offer some great alpine challanges too!  It is also possible to access the road that leads to the base of the lifts and get a ride. Search for the Blue Trail that feeds into Jack Rabbit, descend from the condo village, hang a right off of Stembogan.  Ski Bunny and Jack Rabbit road as well as the tower road offer some great lines.  But do so at you own risk, trails are unpatrolled, unmaintained (they mean it) so follow the rules, have the right gear and go in groups!


Backcountry turns can be amazing at Blue Knob! Photo by jamesj.



Nordic Skiing-

There is great cross country and nordic skiing to be had at Blue Knob.  The resort offers rentals (at Alpine Village Golf Course Clubhouse) and grooms a nice loop on their 9 hole golf course.  There are miles and miles of trails on all sides of the mountain offering all the terrain one could want. As far as I can tell there are no maps of resort trail, allthough this is greatly needed.  The resort also connects to Blue Knob State Park which also has miles of trails sure to challenge skiers of all abilities, there is a map available of the park but a little experience helps, many trails particularly at the resort are not clearly marked and easily missed, so try to bring someone who knows the area, and continue to ask for these trails to be marked again!



Getting There!- Blue Knob Four Seasons Resort is located at the top of the mountain!  You can either head all the way up to the Summit Lodge or you can head to the Alpine Village/Condominium Community/Golf Course found mid-mountain and take the Blue Knob shuttle to the top.  You can approach the resort via the Overland Pass Road from the East or Pavia Road from the West. 
From the West, Pavia Road passes through Blue Knob State Park and ascends the mountain all the way to the Summit Lodge.  It is paved, two lanes.  This is most typical for those coming from the North and West- note if you are trying to get to the Alpine Village/Condominums you will go past the Summit Lodge to get to them.  Coming from the South and East one most often takes the Overland Pass entrance.  This is the more direct route to the condominiums, but it does require driving a mile long gravel road with a pretty good hill from the Alpine Village to the Summit Lodge.  This route can be more difficult in heavy snow but BK offers a free shuttle from the Alipine Village to the Summit Lodge.

Pittsburgh International Airport

Airlines operating from Pittsburgh include Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Skywest, American Airlines,  American Eagle, Continental, Continental Express, Delta, Atlantic Southeast, Comair, Express 1, JetBlue, Midwest Airlines, Myrtle Beach Direct, Southwest Airlines, United, Mesa, Shuttle America, United Airlines, Express, US Airways and US Airways Express.


Philadelphia International Airport

Airlines operating from Philadelphia include Air Jamaica, Air Canada, AirTran Airways, American Eagle, American Airlines, British Airways, Charter, Continental, Continental Express, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection, Frontier, Lufthansa, United Express, US Airways, US Airways (Int’l), US Airways Express, USA 3000, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.


Baltimore/Washington International Airport

Airlines operating from Baltimore include Air Canada, Air Mobility Command, AirTran Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cape Air, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and US Airways Express.


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Airlines operating from Washington National include Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental, Delta Airlines, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and  US Airways Express.


Dulles International Airport

Airlines operating from Dulles include Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, AirTran Airways, ANA, American Airlines, American Connection, Austrian, Avianca,  British Airways, Continental, Copa, Delta, Ethiopian, Iberia, Jet Blue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Open Skies, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, South African Airlines, Southwest Airlines, SAS, Sun Country Airlines, Grupo Taca, United, United Express, US Airways, US Airways Express, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic.



From Washington, D.C./Baltimore - PA turnpike, take I-99 North
Follow I-99(Route 220) North to the Claysburg/King exit. Follow business Route 220 N to Claysburg. Turn left at the second traffic light onto 
Ski Gap Road. Follow Ski Gap Road for 3 miles until you reach a stop sign. Veer to your left at the stop sign and go 1/4 mile. You will see a welcome to Blue Knob sign at the bottom of the mountain make a left. Follow the road up the mountain 3 miles to the condominiums or 4 miles to the ski lodge.


From Pittsburgh - From I-80 or Rt 22 take RT 220 South
Follow I-99(Route 220) South to the Claysburg/King exit. Follow business Route 220 N to Claysburg. Turn left at the second traffic light onto 
Ski Gap Road. Follow Ski Gap Road for 3 miles until you reach a stop sign. Veer to your left at the stop sign and go 1/4 mile. You will see a welcome to Blue Knob sign at the bottom of the mountain make a left. Follow the road up the mountain 3 miles to the condominiums or 4 miles to the ski lodge.



Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Blue Knob All Seasons Resort


You can reserve you condominium online at  Offers studios, one bedroom, loft one bedroom and two bedroom condominiums with fireplaces and access to hottubs, sauna, fitness center and an indoor pool.  These are mid-mountain at the tubing park and where the groomed cross country trails are and where many of the ungroomed trails connect.  To eat, one can visit the Black Bear Inn or the Clubhouse Grill as well as breakfast at the Summit Restauraunt. A convience store and pro shop are also on the grounds.  During the summer there are tennis courts, an excellent golf course and an outdoor pool as well as a vast and challenging trail network for biking and hiking.  When mother nature provides the snow the condominiums offer ski in/ski out lodging via a network of awesome backcountry trails that access intermediate and advanced terrain to get to the lifts.  6 $130.00 to $485.00 per night

Bedford Springs Resort - Omni Hotels


 216 guest rooms and suites available at this world class resort and spa.  Featuring pools and spas with natural spring water and gourmet cuisine.  Pamper yourself.  Also has the oldest designed golf course in America.  7 $239.00 and up per night
Comfort Suites  

All spacious guest rooms are oversized suites that offer modern features like flat-screen televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers with free coffee, pillow-top mattresses, sofa sleepers, desks, voice mail, irons, ironing boards and cable television. Select suites also have whirlpool bathtubs. Connecting rooms can be requested.  Free continental breakfast, wireless high-speed Internet accessand weekday newspaper.

 7  $119.95 to $149.95
Holiday Inn Express

 Free hot breakfast bar, complimentary high-speed Internet access,  24-hour fitness center and outdoor whirlpool.

 4  $117.95 to $158.95
Judy's Motel 12 rooms with either a queen bed or two double beds  4  $37.00 to $44.00 per night
  • There are private homes and condominium units available for rent.  Many can accomodate large groups and many offer ski in/ski out accomodations.  In fact this is your best bet for ski in/ski out accomodations.  Visit for more details.


Dining (Resort amenities and nearby local fare)
The Summit Lodge:
-Summit Cafeteria
          The Summit Cafeteria offers simple but good fare.  The prices are high by local standards (A Sabrett Hot Dog cost $3.75 and a whole pizza costs $20) but not by some Ski Resort cafeteria standards.  My wallet doesn't hurt as much after lunch at say...Vail.  Low fat options are fewer but they do exist.  Breakfast is available. Ingredients seem pretty good! On a first visit I had a slice of bruschetta pizza and the mountain chili, my wife had the bread bowl clam chowder.  They were both good, the chili heavy on the tomatoes and just a little spicy (it is never hot enough for me!) 
-Mueller's Pub
           The highest bar in PA.  Excellent, simple, Irish- Pub style establishment.  Try the Iron City Ale.


The Alpine Village:
This is below the resort about a mile down Overland Pass Rd.  There are condo's here, Cross Country Skiing, golf, swimming and tennis.  The golf clubhouse has a smaller pub style sports bar with a good lunch and dinner menu.  The Black Bear is a more refined atmosphere for lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays.
The Black Bear Inn - In Alpine Village Open for Lunch and Dinner on weekends and holidays. Review pending.
The Clubhouse Bar & Grill  - In Alpine Village, open for dinner all season and lunch on weekends, holidays and busy days.  The menu offers some good choices for 'bar-food'.  All of the salads are excellent as is the Adobe Quesadilla and the beer soaked beans and rice.  I did not care for the burgers after trying them twice. The chicken sandwiches are very good, the fries tasty and the more reasonably priced pizza is fairly good (although not as good as the Summit Lodge Pizza at is much higher price.)  The Clubhouse Bar and Grill kitchen opens at 4PM Monday Through Thursday and 11 Friday through Sunday and holidays, busy ski days.  They keep separate summer hours.
The Clubhouse Bar and Grill has a pool table and a golf video game.  They also have a small stage and have live entertainment throughout the season.
The Convenience Store-   In Blue Knob Condo Rental Office.  A simple selection of soda and snacks.  Also things like and egg for $.75 a slice of cheese for $.25, stick of butter, etc...  Some basic laundry and cleanser products. Usually open when the office is open.  Sometimes this store can be very handy, it saves you from a 8 mile drive down the mountain to a grocery or convenience store.
Surrounding Areas (outside of the Resort):
  • Glenn's Place- Bedford St Claysburg PA
  • Shenanigan's - Bedford St, Claysburg, PA - 814- 239-5082
  • Claysburg Pizza Shop - Route 220, Claysburg, PA - 814- 239-2921
  • SUBWAY - Highway 220, Claysburg, PA - 814- 239-2226
  • Peggy's Diner - Route 220, Claysburg, PA - 814- 239-2196
  • Allstar Pizza & Subs - RR 1, Claysburg, PA - 814-239-2800
  • Creekside Inn Restaurant - Bedford St, East Freedom, PA - 814- 696-0377
  • Bonnie Faye's - Old Route 220, East Freedom, PA - 814- 695-6706
  • Rax Restaurant - Route 220 & Route 36, East Freedom, PA - 814- 695-2611
  • All Star Pizza & Subs - 1326 Old Route 220 S, Duncansville, PA - 814-693-7827





2012 - 2013 Lift Ticket Rates


2012 - 2013 Snowsports School Rates


2012 - 2013  Season Pass Rates


2012 - 2013 Rental Equipment Rates


2012 - 2013 Nordic/Cross-Country Skiing Rates


2012 - 2013 Snow Tubing Rates


Local Ski Shops:

  • Snowflakes & Skis Ski Shop - RR 1 Box 247, Claysburg, PA - 814-239-8451  (In Summit Lodge!)
  • Fat Jimmy's Outfitters-  109 Railroad Street, Bedford, PA 15522. Local: 814-624-3415 • Toll Free 866-356-2897
  • Spokes and Skis- 315 South Logan Boulevard Altoona, PA 16602 (814) 941-3888
  • Weaver's Summit Ski Boats - 118 Main St, Woodbury, PA - 814-766-9968
  • Ski Den Sports - 1231 Scalp Ave, Johnstown, PA - 814-266-7669



REAL ESTATE  This is the organization of private homes surrounding the resort.  Many are ski-in, ski-out and many surround the golf course.  There are lots and houses for sale.  Many are very nice and prices are very reasonable, especially compared to property prices at Wisp, Seven Springs and Snowshoe resorts.
**!!!***Winter Specials***!!!***
Super Tuesdays-  A $25 all day ticket!
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Blue Knob

Nestled among the highest peaks in the Allegheny Mountains at the northwestern tip of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Blue Knob is about 3 hours from Washington D.C. and Baltimore, and 2 hours from Pittsburgh sitting right between Bedford, Johnstown and Altoona. As the second highest mountain in Pennsylvania (elv 3172'), Blue Knob offers a wide range of activities for every season, but in the winter you can enjoy not only skiing but cross-country skiing and snow tubing. They also offer a great deal of snowmobiling trails. During the summer Blue Knob has a growing mountain bike program that has some of the toughest trails in the region.

Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow1
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple2
Lifts-Total number of lifts5
Trails-4-Expert only10%
General-Base elevation2074'
General-Vertical drop1072'
General-Mountain rangeAllegheny Mountains
General-Total area in bounds100 acres
General-Snow making coverage84 acres
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: The best technical runs in PA. Beautiful scenery, lack of crowds, more affordable lift tickets, best vertical in PA

Cons: CONS: inconsistent information on website.

PROS: The best technical runs in PA. Beautiful scenery, lack of crowds, more affordable lift tickets, best vertical in PA.

CONS: inconsistent information on website.

Blue Knob lives and dies by natural snow fall because that is the way the runs and trails are setup. It is a skiers mountain and the best runs require ample natural snow. They even have back country runs if you put in some research online. It’s easily the best mountain in PA if the conditions are right.

On Feb 28th, 2015 all the stars were aligned. Every slope and glade was opened. There was powder with 20 degrees and endless sun. I never got bored and skied till legs gave way. This is not an easy feat in the Mid-Atlantic for a skier who has been to Tahoe, Big Bear, Whitefish, Mammoth, Utah and SnowShoe in WV. Blue Knob trumps 7Springs, White Tail, and Camelback and all other PA resorts due to its fantastic glade runs. Those other resorts are too commercial with a lack of intricate difficult runs and draw big crowds. But the pros to the fancier resort are better conditions when Mother Nature isn’t helping. A common problem in PA winters where anything goes.

The biggest drawback to Blue Knob for me seems to be a lack of integrity on conditions, and slope availability. The website isn’t well updated. It can be a gamble going there. I try and be smart and go late season, I look for multiple sub 25 days where they claim all trails are open and I know it’s been snowing.  I see a lot of complaints from people on the lodge, staff, and resort. None of that matters to me, nor do I agree with it. I think a lot of those reviews come from DC snobs who don’t do their homework about the resort.  

Do your homework, watch the weather, and watch ski reports from people that have gone and this place is an oasis. Show up on a bad condition day and its pedestrian.


Pros: Challenging terrain for the mid-Atlantic

Cons: Aging lifts, rudimentary infrastructure

It's not Jackson Hole or La Grave, but compared to neighboring ski areas Blue Knob, PA is notable for expert level terrain and belongs on the radar screen of all serious mid-Atlantic snow riders. Several of the lower-mountain black diamond trails at Blue Knob represent some of the most challenging ski slopes south of New York State. This section of the mountain features approximately 700 vertical feet of sustained steeps on a variety of groomed and ungroomed trails. Some are wide and exposed with variable Eastern manmade snow conditions (Extrovert), others are narrow, all natural, and never groomed (Lower Shortway). During midseason there should be opportunities to ski challenging mogul runs at Blue Knob, not always a given in the mid-Atlantic. Additionally, it is one of the few Eastern ski areas south of New England with extensive lift served glade skiing. The opening of the glades requires cooperation from Mother Nature and the best chance is usually from late January to late February.

The approximately three dozen designated trails also include an assortment of intermediate to advanced groomers (Deer Run, Jack Rabbit, High Hopes, Expressway) providing a nice ride over the full 1000 feet of vertical. While the regularly maintained trail network is exceptionally challenging by mid-Atlantic standards, to really appreciate the advanced skiing at Blue Knob you should visit when natural snow conditions allow for the opening of the glades (there are about six or seven) and all natural trails.

The lodge and accommodations at Blue Knob are serviceable, but might be described as Spartan. The positive flip side of this is that lift and lodging costs are less than average for the region. Several taglines promoted by Blue Knob over the years offer a clue that the focus is on serious skiing/riding, not upscale amenities or elaborate apres ski: "Altitude with Attitude", "The Skier’s Mountain", and "Ski Good or Eat Wood". The summit is very exposed and can be one of the coldest places in PA. Here's a trip report with photos from a good weekend at Blue Knob in Feb 2007:


Pros: Best terrain in PA

Cons: Resort owned lodging requires a shuttle ride.


On the eastern front of the Allegheny Mountains, Blue Knob boasts that it is Pennsylvania’s second highest peak but it is no match in elevation to say Vermont’s second highest peak, Killington. It cannot compete with Killington’s vertical drop or natural snowfall. What may surprise you is that for eastern steep trail skiing Blue Knob’s Extrovert can be as tough as Killington’s Outer Limits.  Now you can dismiss this statement as sentimental, sensational hometown lore only if you never stood atop the run and cautiously tapped your pole tip into the white plate beneath your feet. One look down this never groomed, helter skelter, machine mounded snow drop will set you frantically looking for the best line. Then it hits you and if you’re not careful it will humble you. Now isn’t that the mark of an expert trail? The pitch on skier’s right seems to have the rhythmic bumps. Skier’s left has a steeper, fall off the whale character and is the more technical side. That’s just the first 200 vertical before the intersecting trails Lower 66 and Lower High Hopes. The last 500 vertical will hold your attention just as sharp and focused.  


If this were all there is to Blue Knob it would be worth a day’s skiing. There is also Stembogan.  Perhaps Extrovert wasn’t to your liking so you continued by along the very flat East Wall Traverse. Soon you start to wonder how to get down off this ledge. You round the bend and Stembogan Bowl opens on your left, a steep drop to a classic switchback trail across the mountain’s lower face. I have to think Stem’s 6 switchbacks have got to resemble Stowe’s Nose Dive before the Nose was trimmed to 3 switches from the original 7. Unlike Extrovert, Stembogan gets the occasional grooming but in those off days this trail becomes a slithering, fast snake. I like to ride the inside line in the switches much like you would cut the apex of the S bends on your sport bike.


Another expert trail is High Hopes and like Extrovert and Stem has snowmaking but is groomed more often then not but be cautious here. Although groomed, there is a steeper narrow section midway at the intersection with Extrovert then the pitch stays conducive to speed. Then there are the all natural Shortway, 66, Edgeset and expert glades East Wall, and The Ditch. Some searching around the lower face will find Boneyard and Mine Shaft Glades but these are in need of some pruning. The Ditch is a natural half pipe with trees and the other glades are on the same steep face as Extrovert. Rounding out the glades are Skyline, Triple, Laurel and Forever all less steep but still fun and fairly open.


Just so you know Blue Knob is not all expert terrain. There is the long winding Mambo Alley which maybe the best novice cruise around, Jack Rabbit is a great intermediate cruise.  A portion of wide, blue square Deer Run will be left to bump up but it and Expressway are nice upper intermediate runs built for high speed GS turns.


As for chairlifts, you won’t find any high speeds here. You have a double and a triple that are the work horse lifts. A second double that kicks in when it gets crowded and there’s a triple for the beginners hill. Chair rides can be slow but the reward is long runs and low body density on the mountain.


The reason they call it Blue Knob? Well the pessimist would say it’s the icy conditions but I must say the Knob has been doing a much better job of grooming and the new HKD snow making towers on Lower Extrovert keeps that trail in good shape.  Here’s a hint; sandstone and conglomerates. 


Pros: Challenging Terrain, Long Runs

Cons: Outdated infrastructure, limited snowmaking ability

Blue Knob offers the most challenging skiing in all of Pennsylvania and in the top-tier in the Mid-Atlantic region. The 1000 ft vertical and 34 trails are a big draw to the resort. The key is going when the conditions are at their best after a fresh snowfall. It is one of the few resorts around that offer legitimate glade skiing and a sizable bowl. For this, Blue Knob relies on natural snowfall (100in annually) and your best chances to take advantage of Mother Nature’s offerings are from mid-January to late February.  Blue Knob does make snow but relies upon natural snowfall to open up its glades.


THE MOUNTAIN: On groomer days, a great starter trail of Mambo’s Alley awaits as you bank off of winding turns.  A great time can be had on intermediate trails Deer Run, Jack Rabbit, and Expressway. Blue Knob’s Advanced and Expert terrain features the winding Stembogan trail & bowl, Lower High Hopes, Lower Route 66, Lower Shortway, and the very challenging Extrovert with its moguls and steep pitch!  Blue Knob’s offerings of the Ditch Glades, East Wall Glades, and the Forever Glades are some of the best in the region. The resort offers a decent terrain park with jumps. rails, and other features.


RESORT FEATURES: The views are gorgeous all throughout the knob! The resort trails are nestled in a knob with a fine view of the valley below on a clear day. The main attraction is the skiing and the rest takes a back seat. Sure the lifts are slower than at big corporate resorts, it isn’t located in a ski town, and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it is truly a skier’s mountain and is made for those who have great skills and grit to tackle the Knob! Blue Knob does not get crowded as do many other resorts in PA so you’re able to maneuver on the slopes more and don’t have to worry about novices bumping into you.  The ski ticket prices are substantially lower than other PA resorts.  For accommodations, there are condos and houses for rent for decent prices ( As for the lodge, the Mueller’s Pub is a good place to relax, the food is good and I would recommend the kielbasa or bratwurst sandwiches. It’s definitely worth a trip!





Pros: Challenging Terrain, Trail Length, Fresh poweder, No crowds

Cons: Slow lifts

As others have said, this is the best resort when conditions are right.  We were lucky enough to arrive at 8:30 to 6 inches of fresh snow and 2-3 more during the day.  It was an all-time best day for my first time at Blue Knob.  I was finding untouched stashes of powder all day.  We skied 9-4 non-stop and never got bored. It was an easy 3 hours from DC and definitely worth it when there is fresh snow.  I can definitely see where ice could be an issue when there is no snow because the snow making is minimal on the lower mountain.  No lift lines, No crowds but the lifts are slow.  The terrain is steep and very diverse trails.  This is the best-kept secret of the mid-atlantic. 


Pros: Steep Terrain for PA, Never Crowded, Vert

Cons: Bad Snowmaking, Slow Lifts, Never Know Whats Open

 I went there on MLK day January 2010. We got there early figuring it would be wasn't. They only ran one lift from the bottom all morning. The longest lift wait I had was to wait for 2 chairs to be loaded. Usually no grooming can be a good thing. When you're going through a freeze thaw cycle in PA, you need to groom. Nothing was groomed, and anything that wasn't a designated mogul trail was icy all morning. Once it warmed up the ice melted but it was slushy. They have the highest elevation of any resort in PA, but they still had thin cover at the bottom. They had to shut down most of the bottom 1/4 of the mountain because they couldn't get their snow making system working.
Part of the reason it doesn't get crowded is that it is literally in the middle of nowhere. To get there you drive 5 miles off the highway to get to a dirt road. From there you drive another 4 miles on a dirt road up the mountain to get to the lodge, since their lodge is at the very top. The lodge is old, but has plenty of room considering how empty it is. 
Extrovert was nice and steep and is definitely a high point of the mountain, particularly as they have a mid-mountain drop-off for the chair so you can ski that all day and not be stuck on the long chair ride. Which brings me to one of the biggest cons: the chair lift. The chair takes about 10-12 minutes by my estimation to go top to bottom, about 1200 foot vertical. Another con is that their website is never accurate in terms of what is actually open. When I got there about 10 trails listed as open on the website were closed. One of the locals I rode the chairlift said to not even bother checking the website, because its never accurate.


Pros: Bigger vert than closer to DC

Cons: Ice

Not much to do after and icy up and down the one time I went.