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Black Diamond Prime Alpine Touring Boot - Men's


Pros: Light, stiff for weight, great walk mode

Cons: Not good choice for high arches

I really liked these boots in the store and I like them for short runs but despite three trips to the boot fitter I am having a difficult time getting them to be comfortable for more than three hours.


I have very high arches  (I can fully slide my index finger under my foot when standing).  The prime problem is in how difficult the boots are to get on and off.  I've bruised the top of my foot one more than one occasion and a couple times I've had to sit in the truck until the boots warmed up so I could even get them off.


The arch clearance and the toe pressure spots would probably be an easy fix for a boot fitter, if the boots were normal plastic.   Unfortunately for me and my freakish feet they boots are some sort of new age plastic and will not hold a punch. 


These are probably a great boot for someone with normal volume feet and normal width across the toes but for me they aren't working.  It's a shame since I think they are fantastic boots and offer great performance for the price and weight.


Something else to be aware of.   The lace system for the liner can jam or fail which leaves you in the position of either cutting the lace to get out of the liner, or having a liner that won't tighten.   Don't go for a tour without having a spare lace and tensioner repair kit on you.


Here's another interesting review by a much more experienced skier than myself.



Dane essentially says that he likes the boots but hated the liners and had to replace them to get a good fit.


Black Diamond Prime Alpine Touring Boot - Men's

For marathon backcountry tours and epic ski mountaineering pursuits, the Black Diamond Men's Prime Alpine Touring Boot keeps the weight to a minimum without sacrificing stiffness or control when it's time for the descent. The Prime's lightweight overlap construction and revolutionary cuff design help you float through the uphill while still providing the flex you need to drive your turns home in narrow couloirs and steep faces.

Recommended UseBackcountry skiing, ski mountaineering
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Weight[Pair, size 27] 7lb 4oz (3.3kg)
Shell MaterialPebax
Number of Buckles3.5
LinerEfficient Fit AT Light w/ Boa
Binding CompatibilityDynafit, AT
Forward LeanYes, adjustable
Flex Index110
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 29.5BD120110MTBR2951793661135357
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 29BD120110MTBR2901793661135340
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 27.5BD120110MTBR2751793661135319
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 28.5BD120110MTBR2851793661135333
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 28BD120110MTBR2801793661135326
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 27BD120110MTBR2701793661135302
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 30.5BD120110MTBR3051793661135371
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 30BD120110MTBR3001793661135364
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 26.5BD120110MTBR2651793661135296
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 26BD120110MTBR2601793661135289
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 25.5BD120110MTBR2551793661135272
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 25BD120110MTBR2501793661135265
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 24.5BD120110MTBR2451793661135258
Color: Metallic Brown, Size: 24BD120110MTBR2401793661135241
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