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Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus Binding


Pros: Easy to use, reliable.

Cons: Below average hard snow performance. Balance point issues.

I have used Fritschi bindings since the original Diamir binding came out over 10 years ago.  I have never had an issue with the binding's performance while touring other than an occasional ice up that would happen to any touring binding given the snow and temperature.  It is the most proven, reliable, bomb proof system on the market.  The Freeride + and the newer Freeride Pro are the natural evolution of the concept.  There's something (either the ramp angle, or the extra stand height off the ski) that makes staying balanced on hard snow an issue with the Fritschi.  The hard snow performance has gotten better as the binding has evolved, but it is still not on a par with an alpine binding. In softer snow it's a non-issue.  I'd recommend the binding to anyone who wants the most reliable touring set up on the market.  It's the easiest to use, most versatile, most idiot proof option available.  Yes you can ski it on piste and yes you can ski it with your alpine boots, but there are better options for that.


Cons: broken at the first day

I was very disappointed with the quality of those bindings. I thought it's the best choose for backcountry stuff, but after I paid over 400$ for thing which has broken at the first day, and also I hurt my knee, and couldn't ride for about half a month, I doubt in their quality.


Pros: AT ability

Cons: Weak construction, squirrelly feeling, unreliable, spontaneous tele

These are likely to either put you into a spontaneous tele position (when you don't want to be) or break since they sit so high above the ski and are not built for the torque that is created by this high riding situation.  Break them and your S.O.L. as Black Diamond will only sell you a new pair at wholesale (still $350+).  I will definitely go with the Dukes to replace these.


Pros: Tough, Good Release, Light, Lockable/Unlockable even while moving

Cons: Height

I've been on boards for 44 of my 48 years and all I wanted to do was to be able to go to the slopes and pound bumps HARD all day.


Hop off the backside with a sled full of gear for the night in my Quinza.


Wake up, climb the crusty white top, and slam a cute or two and tree-bash waist deep in pow without having to by more than one set of gear!!!


Was that to much to ask?


Fritschi says "DONE!"


Seriously, I'm a 190 lb aggressive skier that thinks there is no reason to pay to ski except for moguls.  I read everything I could find before my purchase and along with the fact my Ramer's were no longer being made and my wife had be on the Fritschi for about 10 yrs without issue, I made my purchase.


In the back country they are are outstanding with all the same features and multiple heal steps as my Ramer's had.... So far so good!


Here come the bumps and air.  I was VERY skeptical of the Fritschi's and the apparent amount of plastic construction.  I have pulled no less than 3 alpine binding toes completely off the ski in the bumps over the years and broken one boot!  So, an AT Binding? Made of plastic???


So, I pound them around 10 - 12 times for the rest of the year and... WOW!  Nuff said.


Would I recommend them to a friend?  NO, they are my little secret.....

Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus Binding

It's no wonder that the Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus Binding has won awards from Powder, Outside, and Skiing Magazine as their choice for going out-of-bounds. Gladiators of the backcountry amphitheater depend on its legendary reputation when they go huge and land hard. Beefed up from Fritschi's original Freeride touring design, the Freeride Plus has a higher 12 DIN setting, so your planks will stay glued in pucker country where missing a turn can mean your season or worse. Wider mount points and stiffer lateral hinges give you more leverage over the fatty planks that are storming the ropes these days, and the sliding heel lock mechanism eliminates accidental switching into tour mode under flex. Generous 95mm brakes come standard, but you can grab the available Wide Brakes if you're packing magnum girth. The Freeride Plus is compatible with regular alpine as well as dedicated AT boots.

Recommended UseBackcountry skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Weight4lb 8oz (2050g)
MaterialComposite & aluminum
Brake Width95cm
DIN RatedYes, 12
Boot CompatibilityAT, alpine
Brakes IncludedYes
Heel ElevatorsYes, 4 position
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: M101266-M7640132080025
Size: S101266-S7640132080018
Size: S101266-S793661088257
Size: XL101266-X Long7640132080032
Size: XL101266-X Long793661088233
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › XC, Tele, and AT Gear › Alpine Touring Bindings › Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus Binding