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Bittersweet Reviews


Best in SW Michigan


Pros: decent terrain for a small hill

Cons: it's a small hill

Bittersweet is run by the same people who run Mt Holly and Pine Knob.  These folks seem to know how to make the best out of small hills. To pick a few nits: All the trails converge at the top of the hill, so the first 50' of vertical is a bit crowded and get's skied-out quickly.  The high-speed lift is nice, but it does tend to draw most of the patrons, so the resort can feel more crowded than it is. These are minor quibbles. The best terrain is skiers left, serviced by a fixed-triple and generaly less crowded. Bottom line: If you don't want to make the trip up north, Bittersweet offers the best skiing in the western lower peninsula.