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Big White Reviews


Lots of snow, less people


Pros: Small lift lines, good lift network

Cons: pricey meals

A group of us went to Big White in March of this year, during  spring break. Surprisingly, there were very few people! I had been concerned about going at that time because of the possible crowding, but it never was an issue.  It snowed the afternoon and overnight the day we arrived, with 8" to greet us on our first morning of skiing,. The next two nights received a light dusting of 2-3" overnight. We skiied  all over the mountain, hitting the Cliff first thing in the morning with the fresh snow. it is a fairly steep pitch, serviced with a 2 person chair. No line-ups, up and down. We made our own tracks all morning until 11:30, when it was all tracked out. We moved across...
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Underrated, in my opinion


Pros: Great snow, great lifts, nice enough village at a good elevation

Cons: fog/clouds

If you're an expert who loves steep, then Big White might not be the best spot, but I imagine most people overstate their abilities in their minds.  There's a good chance Big White is plenty challenging.  I remember being on some pretty tough spots in the Powder Chair area.  I think one thing exacerbating BW's reputation as tame is their advertising.  Just the pictures of the happy families make it look a bit lame.  But if you're like me and you don't get out west as often as you'd like and all you want is reliably soft snow, then BW is a good pick.   Reasons I think Big White is underrated - possibly the best snow of any resort in the province - Good...
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fantastic family fun


Pros: Lots of intermediate terrain, trees, great service, minimal lift lines

Cons: Staying near the village is better than being in the outskirts

Our family has been here twice. We had a short stay in 2014 and a 5 night stay during spring break, mid-March 2016. We really enjoyed the first visit but were really looking forward to spending more time here to explore more of the hill. The weather we experienced was bright sun, temperatures hovering around -5 C. The only thing missing was nightly dumps of powder. It had snowed the day before we arrived and the 300 cm base meant we had lots to play with.   If you're looking for a family ski hill it's hard to beat. There's lot of intermediate terrain. There is a pretty large terrain park. There are gladed areas and some short runs specifically for kids who like being in trees. ...
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Nice Snow


Pros: Great snow, good lift system, ski-in/out

Cons: Sort of flat, foggy

I have skied Big White a dozen times or so, and the snow has been really nice every time out. I have only gotten one really deep day, but never have had a complain about the snow. But the terrain really isn't that interesting. It is mostly an intermediate mountain with a couple short steep areas. The trees are nice though. I think this is a great place for families. Lots of kids everywhere. 

Excellent choice for families of good skiers


Pros: Friendly staff; and the fact that people actually live in the village means plenty of services are availlable

Cons: You don't get 750 cm of snow a year without a few days of limited visibility.

My first visit was last spring with my daughter for the Provincial K1 (11/12 year-olds) championships.  We stayed right in the village, and were very impressed from our first contact at how friendly the (mostly Australian it seems) staff were, and how helpful they were in getting us organized.  We had the classic "Big White Out" on our first day there, but persevered and got in some nice freesking in the fog prior to the race days.  On the two actual race days, I was able to explore the hill between her races, and was impressed by how many lifts there were and how quickly the lines moved.  When she finished her races, we went exploring in some treed areas (we ARE from Red Mountain after...
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