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Backcountry Access Chugach Pro EXT Shovel Reviews


Chugach shovel


Pros: strong, ergonomic

Cons: big

Good shovel that is tough to fit in a pack.   Much better suited to external carrying.  As suggested by thesoggycow, it excels at digging out stuck cars.  It is strong enough to bust compacted ice and slush and the oval tube with D-handle doesn't slip around in your hands.

It's Actually a Shovel! Not a Spoon!


Pros: Big, Packs Small, Is actually a Shovel, Works, Bombproof

Cons: None

When you have an Avalanche shovel, you should never have to use it. Right? Well think again. This is a SHOVEL. Not some sorry excuse for one. You will spend more time using this than any probe/beacon. Its actually useful. It will live in your car so you can dig it out when the going gets stuck. You will break your nose trying to dig out your buddies car, and it will keep going. Brothers will crash Father's cars in a snowy ditches and it will be there. This is your best friend. You can depend on it.