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Attitash Reviews


Great Mt for Carvers


Pros: no lines, great groomers, many STEEP trails, great snowmaking, Bear Peak, near N. Conway

Cons: Very cold long Triple to Top (should be a gondola), dont run warm double enough, Overgroomed, not enough natural trains, not enough snowfall,often icy

Attitash is one of my favorites. It has some of the best rails out there. You CAN NOT beat a run down freshly groomed Illusion. No doubt best groomer in the east! Snow dancer is great too. Bear Peak is very modern and well laid out and when Stoney Brook Bypass is open traversing is not bad. You essentially get two separate mountains which connect. Each has their own personality.   Both mountains have very steep groomers. This is not a beginners mountain or a mogul mountain. It is the ultimate carvers mountain.    The Summit triple must go. They built the liftilne in the coldest spot possible and just to torment skiers we pass over a HSQ that goes half way up...
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Great groomers, relatively short season


Pros: snowmaking coverage, lots of trails, grooming

Cons: slooooow summit triple, gets skied off, lots of novices

Attitash is where we go when Wildcat is closed due to wind (which happens a lot). It operates a single resort along with Wildcat.   There are plenty of trails and they are well groomed. The one thing that drives me nuts about the main Attitash side is the main summit triple is painfully slow. They are very late to start snowmaking as they don't even turn the guns on until December. Once they start, they do a good job of covering the mountain.   Recently they changed all the trail ratings to make the resort appear more "family friendly". As a result a lot of the blacks are now blue. Illusion specifically is now getting scraped clean as it is full of novices who are...
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Nice Mountain


Pros: Snow Making, Terrain Variety

Cons: Weather

I skied at Attitash this winter and they were in the midst of a snow drought. 15 miles away they had received over four feet of snow in the preceding weeks, but Attitash had no natural snow on the ground and what they had received in the preceding weeks had melted. I was not very optimistic, but had a free ticket voucher--I was pleasantly surprised. I was actually happier with the conditions there than the conditions at Cannon nearby which had four feet of snow.    The staff there did a phenomenal job making and grooming the snow. They have nice terrain options across two peaks. The only issue I ran into was going between peaks. There was no mid or upper mountain...
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Near North Conway


Pros: nice terrain, fun area

Cons: less accessible than Watervill, Loon or Cannon from Boston

My 2nd favorite area in NH. Much more fun than Cranmore for an expert. Nice terrain park, good assortment of trails, and better than Wildcat for an advanced skier. 

One of my favorites

I love Attitash plain and simple.  Best snow in NH, two peaks and plenty of terrain.  I never get bored skiing here and its 5 times better midweek when theres absolutely no crowds.  Itsa great mountain everyone needs to ski it atleast once.