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Atomic RT-CS 140


Pros: Race performace

Cons: Poor liner construction

Like any race boot, the RT-CS 140 requires a qualified boot fitter to make it accomodate your foot.  The liner is hard, and unforgiving. So trying to fit into the boot off the shelf is an exercise in self mutilation. Mine are fit to a very snug race-fit, with less than a pinky finger between my heel and the shell.  Yet, I can coach all-day long in relative comfort in these boots.

Once fitted correctly, the boot is comfortable and perform extremely well. Don't expect to be warm in this boot.  If you spend hours outside on the slopes, pick up some boot heaters.  I went with the Thermic Li-Ion version, and I am very happy with the results.

The liners are lace-up compatible.  However, I have found that it is virtually impossible to get my foot into the shell when wearing the liners.  As a result I have abandoned the laces. I insert the liners, then my foot.  The Nordica Dobermann Boots are designed for lace up liners and allow the liner to slip into the shell with a foot inside it. The Atomics do not.  Do laces add anything to the Atomic liners - IMHO no.

Within the first year, I had the tungues replaced because they cracked, and my toes have gone through the neoprene in the toe box.

Will I purchase Atomic boots next time?  Hmmmm.  Although I am happy with the performance, I am not thrilled with the quality and construction.  So, I think I'll look elsewhere (sponsorship is always welcome, ha ha).

Atomic RT-CS 140

The Atomic RT CS 140 is an unbeatable race boot. Comes standard with an ultra firm 140 flex, 98mm last width, and dual strap 55mm. This comfortable foot bed has a team asy pro liner with padding pocket. Allows skier to perform accurately at high speeds with ultimate comfort

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