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Aspen Highlands Reviews


Best Apsen-Area Resort


Pros: Layout, Terrain Mix, No Lines

Cons: Shorter Hours

We broke up our two days at Snowmass with a day at Aspen Highlands.  When I come back to Aspen someday, it's likely I will spend most of my time at Highlands and Ajax.  Highlands in particular, became my new favorite area in North America.  The Cloud Nine, Loge Peak, and Deep Temerity lifts combine to offer one of the best mixtures of terrain anywhere, from blue cruisers and intermediate bumps, to advanced bumps, trees, and Highland Bowl.  Finding the bottom of the Loge Peak lift for the first time could be tricky if you aren't paying attention, since it's sort of hidden in the trees.  Due to the warm weather we spent most of our time up top, descending into the...
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awesome skiing


Pros: awesome skiing&scenery, no nonsense mountain vibe

Cons: pricey region, takes a lot of lifts to get to the top, but enjoy the scenic ride

I've skied at ~60 ski areas in US, Canada, and Europe over the last 40+ years. I haven't been to Aspen Highlands in a long time and I'm probably over-romanticizing it, but in my mind this bad boy sits pretty near the top of the list. It's sort of a tall, narrow layout, but very memorable. Great terrain/scenery/snow and usually not very crowded even though it's close to one of the all-time great ski towns. The glitz and glam is down in town, up at 11,500 feet Aspen Highlands is strictly the real deal - looong advanced/expert ski runs. Highlands Bowl is the ultimate sidecountry experience and a backside peep at the beautiful Maroon Bells is a must!  The added bonus of close proximity to...
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Love the snow


Pros: Quality of snow, vertical drop

Cons: Too expensive

The snow here is unbeatable (except maybe at Alta/Snowbird).  Just a beautiful mountain with significant vertical drop. If you are traveling to Aspen, this is where to go if you want to push yourself, ski the toughest/most intense terrain, etc.  However be aware that the number of trails is far fewer than what you find at Snowmass - if you want to ski a new trail every time down the mountain, go there.  But if you're into quality of runs rather than quantity, this is a great place for you.