Asgard Ski and Snowboard Storage Unit Reviews


Ski Storage From Asgard


Pros: VERY Secure

Cons: Expensive

Lets not mess about here, these are expensive. Over £500… Are they worth it?? Yes every single penny.  Why???  We got burgled 2 months ago.  Garage door was popped off at the hinges.  I lost tools, and 2 cheap bikes (I also have an Asgard Bike Store for my carbon road bike – which they could not get into either) All my ski gear and bikes remained untouched.  The cheeky thieves even tried my own tools to lever off the Asgard doors – with no success.  So in short.   Bike Store $700 – Bike cost $6000 Ski Store $1300 – All Ski equipment cost $5000   Lost in theft $0 (well $60 of knacked bikes that were off to the rubbish dump anyway)   Check them out ...
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