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Asgard Ski and Snowboard Storage Unit


Pros: VERY Secure

Cons: Expensive

Lets not mess about here, these are expensive. Over £500… Are they worth it?? Yes every single penny.  Why???  We got burgled 2 months ago.  Garage door was popped off at the hinges.  I lost tools, and 2 cheap bikes (I also have an Asgard Bike Store for my carbon road bike – which they could not get into either) All my ski gear and bikes remained untouched.  The cheeky thieves even tried my own tools to lever off the Asgard doors – with no success.  So in short.


Bike Store $700 – Bike cost $6000

Ski Store $1300 – All Ski equipment cost $5000


Lost in theft $0 (well $60 of knacked bikes that were off to the rubbish dump anyway)


Check them out www.asgardsss.co.uk 



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Asgard Ski and Snowboard Storage Unit

Ski and Snowboard Storage This high security storage unit is a tough all metal ski and snowboard storage unit providing the secure storage of your ski and snowboarding equipment. Built from thick, heavy gauge galvanised (weather proof) steel panels with a built in metal floor and large double door access this heavy duty metal sports store is an ideal way to securely store all of your expensive ski equipment. Fitted with a tough 5 point locking system and Loss Prevention Certification Board approved (to level 1). The Compact Ski store is an exceptionally secure and versatile storage unit, particularly suitable for skis and snowboards due to its extra height and tough weatherproof coating. Complete with a free handy tool rail, the ski store offers unrivalled theft protection for your expensive holiday equipment.

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