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Arizona Snowbowl Reviews



I had the exact scenario as garojas listed below.  Left my snowboard outside while I was in the lodge for probably 20 min after the lifts closed.  Came out and it was gone.  The staff was very nice in saying they would keep their eyes open, but not getting my hopes up.  Shady ass people up there, so watch out.

Thieving paradise


Pros: There is snow...

Cons: Terrible resort administration

After snowboarding all day, I went to the restorant when they closed the lift (4 PM!) and as it is not allowed to enter with the boards into the restorant, I left it in the outside rack full of boards. In 20 min more my snowboard had disappeard and the resort manager wasn't responsible neither give any solution more than a sorry! 3 more boards were stolen the same day, but the resort seems not to be worry about that, there is even no sign at all advicing for this issue in that area.

needs new lift badly


Pros: terrain, beautiful mountain

Cons: lift lines are the worst, wind

The terrain is great, steep off the top, a gully to play in, a few tree lines. If you can see the snow blowing off the peak the wind will howl on this lone volcanic peak. The San Francisco Peaks are Arizona's most majestic and tallest mountain. Untill a new lift is built to the top there are constantly 20+ minute lift lines most of the day so as much as I like the terrain, I don't go here anymore.

A beautiful local getaway, only advanced terrain in AZ


Pros: Excelent tree skiing at the top

Cons: Main lift gets busy on weekends, holidays & snow days

Arizona snowbowl is not a destination resort you would drive to from out of state, but it is a nice small resort escape for local dwellers.  Of the 2 ski resorts in AZ it has far better advanced terrain; the tree skiing off the top of the main lift is as good as any in CO or CA, especially with recent or fresh snow.  It has nice views from the top on clear days, including the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  For die-hard skiers willing hike at 11,000ft, you can hike into the main bowl which opens up a lot more advanced terrain. There is a nice wide beginer area serviced by 2 slow vintage double lifts, and a recent magic carpet for 1st timers.  The...
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Desert Skiing


Pros: Skiing in Arizona

Cons: Location

Came across the Snowbowl on a road trip stopped in for an afternoon.  Had a blast much better skiing than expected.  Stayed in Flagstaff for a night and then climbed Humphrey the next day and skied back into the resort.  Having come from living in Bozeman at the time liked Flagstaff had a similar laid back college town atmoshere.