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Apex MC3 Peak Performance Ski Boot


Pros: Excellent control, good fit and comfort

Cons: Takes a while to tighten properly

I upgraded from an older pair of Apex MC2's and this was a big improvement in overall fit and response.

The boot is narrower than my previous pair and this seems to have improved the response. It also required me to get a new set of very thin insoles. I currently have an injured metatarsal resulting in a swollen right foot and the tighter fit caused my toes to go to sleep until I got the thinner foot bed. I used the Sole Softec Response foot bed and it worked better than either a heat molded ski shop foot bed or a podiatrist made orthotic.

The MC3 has optional laces on the inner boot and this really snugged down the boot on my foot so that I could tighten the outer boot. It takes a lot of tightening to get the boot snug and you will have to go over things once more after your first run.

How it skied: Great. Once you get the MC3 tight, you will find it very responsive. I used it while doing Talon crew (race crew) at the 2015 World Cup in Beaver Creek in December. I used it on Fisher 180 cm cheater race skis and on all mountain Dynastar Powertrack 89 in 179cm.

The MC3 is adjustable to three stiffness ratings: 110 120 and 130. I left mine at whatever it came set in from the factory and it seemed fine. It was plenty stiff for work that involved sliding down an icy race course with a 40 pound pack on your back. I'm a fairly fluid skier and found the factory setting excellent for free skiing on piste or through the crud and bumps.

My only experience with them on the powder was on a set of racing skis (AKA bottom feeders) so I can't say how they would work on powder. They should be fine. My normal posture when using race skis in the powder is horizontal and I managed to avoid this so perhaps they are better than just fine.

Overall an excellent high-performance boot for someone who wants something more comfortable than the typical plastic boot. They shouldn't pack out either as you can tighten them more than a typical boot.

The only caution I will make is that your foot has to fit this boot- It is not a squishy soft boot that can fit any foot. This is a high performance boot so it's going to be relatively tight as I found out. If you have an odd foot, try it on carefully in the ski shop to make sure that it works for you.
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Apex MC3 Peak Performance Ski Boot

Ski boot designed to have optimal comfort without sacrificing performance. Eighteen individual points of closure provide a precise fit for ultimate performance. Boot Liner EVA Heat moldable liner with Thinsulate® for added warmth. Liner speed laces included. Open Chassis™ Adjustable Flex-arm for multiple forward lean positions. Tunable A-Flex Suspension™ and cuff alignment. Micro & macro adjustable buckles. Tri-level flex rating: MC-3 :110/120/130. Walkable Boot 18 points of closure. Two Boa® closure zones. External Tongue construction for smooth closure and water shedding. Apex molded rubber tread outsole with embedded carbon shank. http://apexskiboots.com/product/peak-performance#sthash.19qm8006.dpuf

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