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Andes Tower Hills Reviews


Andes Tower Hills - Worth HALF A DAY.


Pros: Only a few hours away. More than 7 runs. Minimal rude teenagers for a high school dominated place. Great ski patrol and lifties.

Cons: EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE for amount of skiing you get. Ski-to-chair ratio time is absurd. Will become bored, feel like you've done everything twice in 3hrs

Terrain: Icy most of the time. There are quite a few runs to instantly choose from stemming right off either of the 3 chair lifts, however this excitement is short lived due to the fact that unless you snow plow, or carve edge to edge as severely as you possibly can, you are back to the chair lift in approximately 30 seconds for most, up to a minute on some others.       I am a an intermediate skier, not the fastest or a racer of any kind, but I timed myself (staying in tuck position whole way to chair) on each run they have. The times I got are as follows from West-most run to East-most run, (to give you an idea of how short these runs really are) Wormgear: 47 seconds. Little America: 40...
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