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Alta Reviews


Amazing, but a few flaws


Pros: Terrain, snow, views, accessibility,

Cons: No "double black" designations, no snowboarding, runs not super long, need to traverse a lot to get to much of the terrain

First let's discuss the snowboarding. My wife and I enjoy both snowboarding and skiing and have many friends that only board. We love to ski so we had a great time there, but we would also like the option to snowboard. The other SLC-area resorts seem to have about 20% snowboarders. At the same time, a lot of people choose to ski Alta due to the lack of snowboarders so the effect on crowds is a wash at best. I hear a lot of absurd stereotypes about snowboarders spouted as reasons Alta's ban is a positive ("They scrape off the snow", "One hit me", "They sit in the middle of the run"). What these transgressions have in common is that plenty of skiers are just as guilty of committing ...
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Powderland USA


Pros: Powder, Terrain, small crowds

Cons: A lot of traverse, main powder runs track out fast.

The powder doesn't get better than Alta, the terrain is varied and challenging.  The only downside is that the main runs get tracked out quickly, especially on weekends.  You have to know your own secret stashes if you want lasting powder.  A lot of traversing required, other than that, you can't go wrong at Alta.

Excellent mountain for intermediates


Pros: Ski the whole mountain

Cons: None

First time at Alta over MLK weekend (2015).   My son and I had a private instructor for two days.  As intermediate skiers he showed us the runs we could handle off of every lift.  I was amazed at the beauty and ruggedness of the mountain.  Very easy to see why Alta appeals to the expert skiers.  But, it is one of the best for beginners and intermediates.  On our last day, I did the mistake of following a teenage son and found signs stating "cliffs ahead."  Overall a combination of having an excellent instructor and my son going down slightly more difficult runs, advanced my skiing.  Though we didn't go to Snowbird, I can see the appeal of having a...
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On the Eighth Day, God created Alta


Pros: Deep Powder, Greatest Snow on Earth

Cons: No Apres-Ski

If you're a skier and you're looking for a skier's paradise, then Alta is it!  It boasts the finest snow on the planet and plenty of it!  The mountain is large and separated into different sections to space out the people well.  Powder stashes can be found for days after a big snowfall.  For freestyle skiing, there are plenty of lines as the mountain is one large terrain park.  From beginning groomers, excellent intermediate runs, to an experts' paradise of bowls, canyons, glades, steeps, cliffs, bumps & moguls...this resort has it all!   Could improve the apres-ski nightlife but Snowbird is right around the corner of the canyon if that's your aim. ...
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Still great, but really crowded


Pros: Terrain, terrain, terrain, snow, snow snow

Cons: HUGE crowds after even a 12" dump

My son and I skied Alta for the second time in our lives February 27-28, 2014.  It snowed on us all day 2/27 and continued most of the night apparently.  Visibility wasn't great but good enough that we could ski everywhere we wanted to ski and have fun.  Feb 27 was a great day, enough powder to make skiing really fun, the trees had lots of untracked snow and the only time we waited for a lift for more than maybe 5 minutes was when we got on the Collins lift at the midway loading area after lunch..  Friday, 2/28. we woke up to blue skies and were really excited to head back up to Alta.  Unfortunately, it seemed the entire population of SLC decided to do the same...
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Pros: World's best variety of outstanding terrain from beginner to expert; Outstanding snow quality; Best powder skiing on the Planet; No Snowboarders!

Cons: Lift pass, as with most epic resorts, is way to damn high. $75 for an all day pass when about a decade ago it cost $25? Sad.

A pioneer resort in the global ski industry, Alta has set the standard for steep 'n deep since 1939.  The resort does not allow snowboarders so there's more powder for skiers, and superb mogul runs still exist with tight, skier's patterns - undefiled by snowboarding hack jobs.  It's all about Alta! 

amazing place to ski


Pros: snow, cliffs and more snow

Cons: avalanches

Alta is a great place. It was brilliantly sunny when I was there, on 3/9/11. They had about 20" of fresh snow. I felt more like I was in Chile or Australia than someplace in the US.   Boarders are not allowed at Alta. I think only Deer Valley and Mad River Glan are like that. I don; t mind boarders even though one hit me at Heavenly Valley, but it is kind of nice for an old timer like me to ride up and not have a board half sideways into my skis.    It's cool to see the heli skiers lift off the pad upslope from the main lodge. It's a nice old school mellow vibe - they play nice classic rock in the lodge the day I was there. It reminded me of Alpine Meadows in...
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Powder chaser's heaven


Pros: Best powder, awesome advanced and expert terrain

Cons: Limited intermediate terrain, slow lifts

Alta get tonnes of snow every year so chances of a powder dump are very high.  It has great terrain and bowls to traverse to.  It had old fixed speed lifts (may have upgraded by now) so lifts lines could get long on a holiday weekend.  Not much easy and intermediate terrain, although more than their neighbor Snowbird.  Does not work too well for skiers of different levels, but is excellent for advanced and expert skiers.