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Alpine Valley Ski Area Reviews


Alpine Valley Ski Area


Pros: Very Friendly Atmosphere & Excellent Grooming

Cons: Rarely any moguls to play on

Alpine is my favorite of the four ski areas in Southeast Michigan. It is actually not a man made hill as another reviewer had stated, but a natural land form that they have added to.   Most of the slopes are tree lined which makes for very scenic area especially after a fresh snow. During holidays and on busy weekends the hills in back of the rental building are available which offer very gentle and wide open runs with very few skiers and great scenery. The grooming at Alpine is top notch on most days.   My only complaint is I wish they would allow some moguls to build up occasionally.

Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning....


Pros: Most scenic of the four Detroit areas, good separate beginner area

Cons: Not much vertical, horrible music everwhere

  Alpine Valley is one of four manmade hills with liftserved skiing around Detroit.  None are worth driving more than an hour or so to go to.  It's not the best of the bunch, but I'm not sure it's the worst either. The last time I went to Alpine Valley I was stuck on a lift for 30 minutes, 10 feet from a speaker mounted on a lift tower that was blaring "Journey's Greatest Hits"  I think you can understand why this was the last time I went to Alpine Valley. Putting that aside, the terrain's ok for a manmade hill, there's a nice separate beginner area, it's close and not too expensive.  The slopes are lined with evergreens, so it's prettier than the other three local hills. But the music....
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